Libra and Pisces compatibility



Libra woman will to win Pisces Easy Virtue, smooth, good mood, attention to his personality. Fish do not conflict, more than that - they do not like aggression and try to avoid active and potentially violent people. Therefore, Libra, in which the energy of Mars is not at all, from the first minute dating show them very attractive.

Second weapon in the struggle for man-Pisces - Libra beauty. Professional astronomers have found that fish - romance, dreamers and visionaries in love. Almost every male Pisces heart sure what it is a beautiful princess or queen of the fairies will descend from flower to brighten up his loneliness. The extraordinary female attractiveness Libra appeal under the sign of Venus, soft, non-aggressive, make this woman wants to pair.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Scales, of course, understand the importance of money in human life. But they do not have great business acumen. Fish also love a comfortable existence, and if they did not grow up under the tutelage of gray hair caring parents, realize that comfort needs money. But, although the subject of money Pisces clear, Libra is not necessary to start with Pisces conversation about money or build business plans. Fish are not willing to sacrifice peace to make. Another mistake is to break the crystal castles dreams of men and make fun of his imagination, proving them unviable.

From the outside it cute, friendly, serene people. They are always calm, never engage in debate. They are not rumors. Often this artists or creative people (at least one of the partners). Leader in the pair is definitely a female Libra.
According to horoscope compatibility in a relationship with each other, they also almost never scandals. In a short time the pair produced its own language, its own way of communicating with each other, their understandable to them alone jokes and allusions.