Libra and Aquarius compatibility



If the balance is not set themselves the aim of the mandatory stamp in the passport, the case can be considered done. Aquarius Libra willingly accept as his partner, for this she will not have to exert much effort. But if Libras need solid guarantees to get them will be very difficult. It does not help to appeals to the fact that "so it is accepted" and "everyone is doing it." Moreover - Aquarius is very stubborn, and if he says "no", it will be a firm "no" forever.

 Therefore it is better not to put pressure on him not to bring up the fact that he announced his decision - then it will not turn the situation rewind back and change his views. Experienced astrologers recommend Libra to use their creativity and ability to create beauty. Aquarius - romance. Create a romantic atmosphere for him, fairy tale, after which the hero and heroine get married, and he was happy to take this game. No wonder most couples Libra and Aquarius register their relationship in unusual circumstances: on the ship during a romantic trip abroad, in the days of general holidays.

Zodiac sign characteristics


This is wonderful, friendly and welcoming people who really like the others. They are easy, they devote to their personal concerns and problems are not always focused discontent and fatigue. They can be found in the company or on any interesting event both together and separately. And if the couple "came out" together, notably - the two of them because they shared leisure gives them pleasure, not because "so it should be."

Now let's compatibility with the help of astrology look at the couple's relationship from the "inside." In this alliance, both partners retain inner freedom. Everyone has their own interests, their hobbies and friends. With each other female Libra and Aquarius man to keep a distance. This makes the Aquarian one of the most attractive partners for Libra.

 After all, women Libra never dissolve in its satellite and do not like when people are in a partnership of the two "halves" merge into one indivisible whole. In alliance with Aquarius woman finds it necessary and understanding, and intellectual partner, friend, and the ability to keep his personal space.

At one point, a female Libra (as, indeed, and a woman of any other sign) may find that her beloved pulled "at will, in the Pampas." Usually it does not restrict his freedom and does not dictate what he should do. But what if someone from the friends of her beloved urgently needed Aquarian friendly shoulder just when you need to go to the country (to come electrician arrives in-law)? After several such situations in Libra may come to mind, that next to no man, to whom she can rely on, and in fact Libra is like no other sign, you need a reliable partner.