Libra and Capricorn compatibility



No one can understand the Capricorn better than Libra. Indeed, in the Air - lightweight, aestheticism, sociable Libra, the point of view of classical astrology, the planet of Capricorn is very strong - a serious and conservative Saturn. Therefore, communication Libra never turns into talk without action with anyone, anywhere. In the art of Libra have clear criteria for beauty, and against female Libra tends not to runaway and dizzying novels, and to a permanent partnership.

Capricorn is unlikely to be able to understand and evaluate the merits of Libra. Therefore, if we are not talking about an alliance of convenience, in which Capricorn may be interested in the material or social status of women, and of love, Libra will have to take matters into their own hands.

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After all, she knows Capricorn, and he did - no. The main task of Libra - find out what exactly it wants Capricorn, and give it to him. What are his views on marriage? What he sees his future life an affiliate? This can be very helpful knowledge of the position of the moon and Venus in his personal horoscope.

But if the horoscope Capricorn is unknown, Libra hardly be mistaken if will focus on what needs to Capricorn order, stability, lack of hysteria in the house and mood swings have a partner. Show him that you are waiting for his reliable rear in a comfortable home in which everything will be focused on their needs and support his ambitions - and Capricorn consider options alliance between you and them.

A couple who have lived for some time together, unite, not primarily a feeling or emotional understanding, and event-related moments. This may be the children and their education, general business, the overall credit history or a close friendship with their families, "halves".

Hardly ever you see a pair of female and male Libra-Capricorn, which would be held only on love. The two men at the most ideal option not inclined to delve into their own feelings and the feelings of the partner. More precisely, the balance may have tried to do it at first, but did not enjoy the support of Capricorn.