Libra and Sagittarius compatibility



Sagittarians are known to come in two types. The first - a tireless traveler and lover of life, all the while expanding their horizons. The second type of Sagittarius man - generous, imposing and equally life-loving, but their goal is not knowledge of the world, and success in society. Sometimes it is the same Archer at different stages of life. Approach to them will be different.

If a woman interested in Libra-type "travel" Sagittarius (no matter if he is traveling to distant countries, the pages of a book or on your inner world in search of the eternal truths), then it will make a charming property Libra - the ability to make everything easily and quickly switch not to drive a partner in the framework of the prose of life.

This is a rare gift - not to re-partner, there is little they possess. Interest to the stories of Libra and Sagittarius reasoning, the ability to grasp his thoughts "on the fly" will be confirmation of its approval.

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If Libra is interested in "solid" Sagittarius, it will win secularism Libra. Such Sagittarius loves to be on the mind likes to be the chief, as chief among the gods was his patron - Jupiter. But Archer realizes that often lacks secular gloss, and it looks anecdotal "Russian gentleman" - a rich, generous and noisy. Libra sophistication, their ability to follow the rules of society and manners make a woman wants to "status" for the Lady Sagittarius.

If we start from the horoscope compatibility, it is very beautiful and harmonious couple, which has a full understanding. A couple of female and male Libra-Sagittarius can be found anywhere: with a backpack, endearing untrodden paths on expensive foreign resort among secular lions and lionesses. They are easy to learn: and a man and a woman in the eyes of the world a genuine happiness and joy of life.

Woman gets in this union confidence in a happy future. Sagittarius man shows her more than she invested in the concept of "happiness" before meeting him. No wonder her planet Venus, the ancient patron professional astrologers called "small fortune", and his planet Jupiter - "great happiness." If a woman Libra wants to get to the peak of status, wealth, or inner peace, she should keep Sagittarius.