Libra and Scorpio compatibility



The main weapon in the conquest of Libra Scorpio will be their sex appeal. Scorpio is very strong sign, there are a lot of hidden fire. He is indifferent to sex. And it as a sign, in which the second ruler - Mars, draw it soft, feminine lady with enveloping, intoxicating sexuality, not sexy vamp. Libra is an ideal of a woman.

That's what professional astrologers recommend that as soon as the Scorpion will be attracted attention should throw the following "bait." Many men are disappointed when they realize that the way for a sexy simpleton hides a strong character.

Zodiac sign characteristics


 But do not Scorpio! Scorpio loves to solve puzzles, and more complex and richer will be the nature of Libra, so it will be interesting. The discovery that in front of him - a strong personality, his only please. Of course, we are talking about vesovskoy, feminine force. Do not make yourself out militant Amazon.

In the third step would be to hold Scorpio relationship that he would find a worthy opponent in Libra. Scorpio likes to bend men under him, likes to manipulate. Libra know how to do good. Characters struggle with sexual attraction will be to keep the Scorpion many years.

They fascinate others. Tenderness and strength Libra Scorpio emphasized when they are together. This couple want to admire. Rivals try to intervene in their relationship is extremely rare - Libra and Scorpio together look very natural, and very few people comes to mind is the desire to break this perfection.