Libra and Libra compatibility



Scales are sensitive to everything beautiful. Therefore charm women of his mark will not leave them indifferent. And then a lot will depend on the acting talent of women. Male Libra, as she is under the patronage of Venus. Venus has a couple - Mars, and so these people are drawn to the energetic, strong, active partners of Mars warehouse. If a woman Libra can show that it has the power and fire, it will be able to win this man. But to reveal the soul is not necessarily if a man Libra sees in it a lot of the features that has in himself, it automatically ascribe to it and its the same drawbacks. Though actually the male and female scales differ for astrological parameters.

If a woman refuses to play scales or fails to create the desired "strong", this does not mean that between them can not be relations. Libra man loves to spend time nicely. Perhaps he would not consider a woman Libra as a potential life partner, but will not give up a beautiful romance with her. And if she has the money, he'll think about marriage and - from time to time looking at the more energetic ladies, but staying with her. After all, he is really like life with the one who understands it and does not cause to worry about their daily bread.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Ideal Couple people of this sign - two esthete. They get pleasure from the beauty, pleasant life and communicate with each other. The couple - frequent visitors to the exhibitions and theater patrons.

Even if by virtue of the general level of culture are not interested in art, they still live "beautiful." In others it may seem that the men and women of Libra does not have any worries, and they are easy to flit through life without going through ditches and potholes. In fact, as pointed out horoscope compatibility, they also have their own difficulties and obstacles. But first, they never show it to others, and secondly, Libra is indeed easier to many other characters are able to throw out of my head thinking about unpleasant things.

The woman in this alliance receives support person who will understand it like no other. The fact that the partner of the other characters seemed to be unacceptable, Libra man perceives as a matter of course. He never made a scandal out of jealousy to all who his companion smiled. He will not force her to become a "workhorse." He understands the motives of actions of his girlfriend.