Libra and Virgo compatibility



Use basic, Venusian dignity for seducing Virgo and Libra will not work. Virgo is constantly something to worry constantly fussing, this man can become a workaholic because afraid - and suddenly, as he will rest, something would be out of place? But it is alien to the Virgin vesovskaya ability to create harmony around you. Virgo, like Libra, all ordered and correctly. Virgo but rarely can arrange beautiful.
And even the best-female balance is not wean Virgo man from anxiety and are not accustomed to inner peace and comfort. Otherwise, it will no longer virgin.
To gain a male Virgo, Libra professional astrologers recommend recall their strong second planet - Saturn. He gives the commitment, responsibility, ability everyone feels phenomenon and things find their place.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Libra woman should show the Virgin, that it may well be serious, low-key, predictable, that she has strict rules that the power of the Virgin to understand (but without the "instruction manual" Maid in general with anybody case will not have, it scare strange and unpredictable people). If it succeeds, then you will have a chance to get closer Libra with Virgo.
Do others have little chance to admire this pair - they are rarely seen together. Such is the peculiarity of their horoscope compatibility. Usually both partners spend time separately and together prefer to be alone. Virgo is not too fond of the society of unfamiliar people. If a woman behaves so that the partner had no reason to be jealous, he let her go to visit one not only with a light heart, but also with relief, and he will be engaged in something at home or meet with a few friends. Therefore, that looks like the perfect couple female Libra and Virgo men know only the closest friends, it happens with this couple at a party, and astrology.