Libra and Leo compatibility



Male lions appreciate everything beautiful, expensive and luxurious. And not just appreciate - they want it to have. Horoscope says that women Libra has everything to Leo found it worthy of your attention - a charm, charm, beauty. Even ugly woman Libra can charm anyone. Surrounding never doubt the attractiveness of Libra. Will doubt and Leo.

The only thing that can prevent Libra on the stage of dating - their tact and unwillingness to expose themselves to the forefront of the company. Scales are trying to make a good impression at all, so do not consciously overshadow the other women, so as not to offend them and not make rivals.

 If the goal was to seduce Leo Libra, modesty have to forget. It should be a star, queen. Leo loves flattery and admiration, but such feelings of nondescript personalities poteshat his pride just a minute. But the attention and approval of the first beauty will be for him a valuable prize.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Leo does not tolerate competition, and when his attention will be conquered, Libra will need to go into the shadows that light.

If you had a chance to relax in the company of a pair of scales Lion, then you will remain on this memory, as if you were in high society, even if it was at a student party. No, this couple - not snobs, they are not arrogant and does not cling to the rules of etiquette as if it affects their lives. But their smooth, friendly demeanor and ability to win each of the participants give a special charm and style to any collection.

Leo manages to tell a compliment to every woman, Libra - dance with every man, but it does not look like indifference to their half. Chivalry Leo gets special warm tone, when he refers to his woman and Libra becomes sincere admiration and deeper when it is aimed at her man.

According to horoscope compatibility, Leo and Libra family keep some distance between them. They do not relax to each other "as before family" - to the stretched sweatpants and nechёsanyh hair regrowth contrasting colors. Man-Lion even at home feels king and female Libra - Kinoroman heroine.