Libra and Cancer compatibility



Tie acquaintance with him is easy. Cautious Cancer with Libra loses its care. After all that, and some other women run the world, and Cancer feels something like a kindred spirit in Libra. But then the relationship can stand still in one place and do not move. Astrologers recommend: do not put pressure on Cancer, it should all think twice before you make a decision. Rather than put ultimatums, Libra worth the time more usefully.

Cancer loves and appreciates their experiences. If he loved, that, in his opinion, the woman received an invaluable gift in the form of his feelings. Weights should praise him, to talk about feelings, and in any case not to criticize. Also, just at this point it's time to show the relationship Raku such advantages as commitment, integrity, ability to follow the rules, and reliability. He will appreciate it. Get your aesthetic sense, bringing Cancer something beautiful for the home. Not only to restore order and remodel itself Cancer housing to your liking.

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Unfortunately, compatibility horoscope shows that intimacy in this pair does not. Cancer and Libra are too different. But the surrounding can not ignore the mutual love, respect and confidence in each other, which shows the pair. After all, they in search of understanding was a long and arduous journey. Not everything went smoothly at them, but now they can fully trust each other and rely on each other in all circumstances.

The main thing is that the partners in the couple give each other support in difficult situations. Different in character and interests, in everyday life, they can engage in their own business. But as soon as the clouds on the horizon, the pair combined. And God forbid someone offend one of the pair! Second immediately rush to his defense, and for all the external softness and Libra, and Cancer - very strong, determined and strong-willed characters.

In the intimate life, according to sexual horoscope, they complete harmony. Raku important senses, emotional intimacy, for Libra physiology also did not play a big role. But the children they love and become caring parents.