Libra and Gemini compatibility



From the outside it is very cute couple, in which there is love and understanding. They are sociable, communicative, possessing. They are not couch potatoes - they can often be found in companies, hiking, excursions.

If you look at a couple of female Libra - man-Gemini horoscope compatibility from the inside, it immediately becomes clear that they share a mutual understanding and a lot of common interests. The woman in the couple feels constantly on our toes on the one hand, the man does not load her household duties, does not require her to his obstiryvala and obihazhivat. On the other - Twins tend to flirt, and even when a woman realizes that flirt with others to partner - just an intellectual game, he still makes her watch her figure to be well-groomed, beautiful, so that no one and did not occur to become its rival.

Zodiac sign characteristics


People in this pair looks young for a long time. Sexy horoscope confirms that the sex they have excellent compatibility - both are more attracted by the romance and love than sex itself.

The couple will have little difficulty. Even the fact that the male twin can flirt and let the compliments to other women, is unlikely to seriously disrupt the Union Libra and Gemini. However, there is a problem faced by many such pairs. The fact that the scales want to see next to a strong and strong-willed man. A Gemini scattered, they lack the motivation and skills to bring the case to the end. With all the intelligence and sophistication balance is not averse to be in a situation where a man borёtsya for them or protect them physically, while Gemini weapon - their wit and ingenuity. This "unmanly" behavior may disappoint Libra. And over time, they may begin to command their less willpower and determination than themselves, partners. Since the Twins do not tolerate attacks on their freedom and their right to choose what to do, this behavior Libra can be the first step to discord in the relationship.

If the couple is in the first stage problem, ie Libra realized that their partner is not enough brave for them, then they can really become a leader in the pair. Due to its tact they can do it carefully, without offending the Twins, and they never realize that many of the achievements of the family, and their personal, held because a number of scales were ready to gently return to the boring Twins have lost interest objectives.