Libra and Pisces compatibility



Libra woman will to win Pisces Easy Virtue, smooth, good mood, attention to his personality. Fish do not conflict, more than that - they do not like aggression and try to avoid active and potentially violent people. Therefore, Libra, in which the energy of Mars is not at all, from the first minute dating show them very attractive.

Second weapon in the struggle for man-Pisces - Libra beauty. Professional astronomers have found that fish - romance, dreamers and visionaries in love. Almost every male Pisces heart sure what it is a beautiful princess or queen of the fairies will descend from flower to brighten up his loneliness. The extraordinary female attractiveness Libra appeal under the sign of Venus, soft, non-aggressive, make this woman wants to pair.

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Libra and Aquarius compatibility



If the balance is not set themselves the aim of the mandatory stamp in the passport, the case can be considered done. Aquarius Libra willingly accept as his partner, for this she will not have to exert much effort. But if Libras need solid guarantees to get them will be very difficult. It does not help to appeals to the fact that "so it is accepted" and "everyone is doing it." Moreover - Aquarius is very stubborn, and if he says "no", it will be a firm "no" forever.

 Therefore it is better not to put pressure on him not to bring up the fact that he announced his decision - then it will not turn the situation rewind back and change his views. Experienced astrologers recommend Libra to use their creativity and ability to create beauty. Aquarius - romance. Create a romantic atmosphere for him, fairy tale, after which the hero and heroine get married, and he was happy to take this game. No wonder most couples Libra and Aquarius register their relationship in unusual circumstances: on the ship during a romantic trip abroad, in the days of general holidays.

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Libra and Capricorn compatibility



No one can understand the Capricorn better than Libra. Indeed, in the Air - lightweight, aestheticism, sociable Libra, the point of view of classical astrology, the planet of Capricorn is very strong - a serious and conservative Saturn. Therefore, communication Libra never turns into talk without action with anyone, anywhere. In the art of Libra have clear criteria for beauty, and against female Libra tends not to runaway and dizzying novels, and to a permanent partnership.

Capricorn is unlikely to be able to understand and evaluate the merits of Libra. Therefore, if we are not talking about an alliance of convenience, in which Capricorn may be interested in the material or social status of women, and of love, Libra will have to take matters into their own hands.

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Libra and Sagittarius compatibility



Sagittarians are known to come in two types. The first - a tireless traveler and lover of life, all the while expanding their horizons. The second type of Sagittarius man - generous, imposing and equally life-loving, but their goal is not knowledge of the world, and success in society. Sometimes it is the same Archer at different stages of life. Approach to them will be different.

If a woman interested in Libra-type "travel" Sagittarius (no matter if he is traveling to distant countries, the pages of a book or on your inner world in search of the eternal truths), then it will make a charming property Libra - the ability to make everything easily and quickly switch not to drive a partner in the framework of the prose of life.

This is a rare gift - not to re-partner, there is little they possess. Interest to the stories of Libra and Sagittarius reasoning, the ability to grasp his thoughts "on the fly" will be confirmation of its approval.

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Libra and Scorpio compatibility



The main weapon in the conquest of Libra Scorpio will be their sex appeal. Scorpio is very strong sign, there are a lot of hidden fire. He is indifferent to sex. And it as a sign, in which the second ruler - Mars, draw it soft, feminine lady with enveloping, intoxicating sexuality, not sexy vamp. Libra is an ideal of a woman.

That's what professional astrologers recommend that as soon as the Scorpion will be attracted attention should throw the following "bait." Many men are disappointed when they realize that the way for a sexy simpleton hides a strong character.

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Libra and Libra compatibility



Scales are sensitive to everything beautiful. Therefore charm women of his mark will not leave them indifferent. And then a lot will depend on the acting talent of women. Male Libra, as she is under the patronage of Venus. Venus has a couple - Mars, and so these people are drawn to the energetic, strong, active partners of Mars warehouse. If a woman Libra can show that it has the power and fire, it will be able to win this man. But to reveal the soul is not necessarily if a man Libra sees in it a lot of the features that has in himself, it automatically ascribe to it and its the same drawbacks. Though actually the male and female scales differ for astrological parameters.

If a woman refuses to play scales or fails to create the desired "strong", this does not mean that between them can not be relations. Libra man loves to spend time nicely. Perhaps he would not consider a woman Libra as a potential life partner, but will not give up a beautiful romance with her. And if she has the money, he'll think about marriage and - from time to time looking at the more energetic ladies, but staying with her. After all, he is really like life with the one who understands it and does not cause to worry about their daily bread.

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Libra and Virgo compatibility



Use basic, Venusian dignity for seducing Virgo and Libra will not work. Virgo is constantly something to worry constantly fussing, this man can become a workaholic because afraid - and suddenly, as he will rest, something would be out of place? But it is alien to the Virgin vesovskaya ability to create harmony around you. Virgo, like Libra, all ordered and correctly. Virgo but rarely can arrange beautiful.
And even the best-female balance is not wean Virgo man from anxiety and are not accustomed to inner peace and comfort. Otherwise, it will no longer virgin.
To gain a male Virgo, Libra professional astrologers recommend recall their strong second planet - Saturn. He gives the commitment, responsibility, ability everyone feels phenomenon and things find their place.

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Libra and Leo compatibility



Male lions appreciate everything beautiful, expensive and luxurious. And not just appreciate - they want it to have. Horoscope says that women Libra has everything to Leo found it worthy of your attention - a charm, charm, beauty. Even ugly woman Libra can charm anyone. Surrounding never doubt the attractiveness of Libra. Will doubt and Leo.

The only thing that can prevent Libra on the stage of dating - their tact and unwillingness to expose themselves to the forefront of the company. Scales are trying to make a good impression at all, so do not consciously overshadow the other women, so as not to offend them and not make rivals.

 If the goal was to seduce Leo Libra, modesty have to forget. It should be a star, queen. Leo loves flattery and admiration, but such feelings of nondescript personalities poteshat his pride just a minute. But the attention and approval of the first beauty will be for him a valuable prize.

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Libra and Cancer compatibility



Tie acquaintance with him is easy. Cautious Cancer with Libra loses its care. After all that, and some other women run the world, and Cancer feels something like a kindred spirit in Libra. But then the relationship can stand still in one place and do not move. Astrologers recommend: do not put pressure on Cancer, it should all think twice before you make a decision. Rather than put ultimatums, Libra worth the time more usefully.

Cancer loves and appreciates their experiences. If he loved, that, in his opinion, the woman received an invaluable gift in the form of his feelings. Weights should praise him, to talk about feelings, and in any case not to criticize. Also, just at this point it's time to show the relationship Raku such advantages as commitment, integrity, ability to follow the rules, and reliability. He will appreciate it. Get your aesthetic sense, bringing Cancer something beautiful for the home. Not only to restore order and remodel itself Cancer housing to your liking.

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Libra and Gemini compatibility



From the outside it is very cute couple, in which there is love and understanding. They are sociable, communicative, possessing. They are not couch potatoes - they can often be found in companies, hiking, excursions.

If you look at a couple of female Libra - man-Gemini horoscope compatibility from the inside, it immediately becomes clear that they share a mutual understanding and a lot of common interests. The woman in the couple feels constantly on our toes on the one hand, the man does not load her household duties, does not require her to his obstiryvala and obihazhivat. On the other - Twins tend to flirt, and even when a woman realizes that flirt with others to partner - just an intellectual game, he still makes her watch her figure to be well-groomed, beautiful, so that no one and did not occur to become its rival.

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Libra and Taurus compatibility



Libra's main weapon in the fight for the heart of man, the Taurus will be her good taste and ability to create comfort. Calves like beautiful things, but the works of art they choose beautifully decorated table, elegant house and a beautiful woman. A balance like no one else knows what's what in any beauty.

The main mistake that women often make Libra, is that at the beginning of communication with Taurus they begin to show their how they think the best features: the ability to make small talk, refinement, ability to charm. But Taurus rude, they are not interested in lofty matters. In addition, they - one of the biggest cormorants Zodiac. They, of course, to celebrate the dignity of Libra, but more of them will take up the question: "What this woman give me?". If you manage to convince Libra Taurus that will make their lives cosiness, comfort and beauty, then it's done - you lasso his Taurus.

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Libra and Aries compatibility



Perfect Match Libra and Aries - a couple in which the man and woman to retain the old sexual interest in each other. No matter how many years they were together, man Aries is brave knight, and a female Libra - his lovely lady. Aries will always admire the beauty of a woman, she would never have to worry that it became boring and unwanted, that it is not overlooked or neglected it. In an ideal pair every minute there is sex ratio, and only follow him family relationships, relationships based on habit, respect and common interests.

In the first stage of relations this pair does not need anyone around, they just each other's company. Sexy horoscope shows that over time, both mudreyut and understand that the freshness of feelings should be supported. Therefore, the perfect couple mature Libra Aries - people travel a lot, willingly rest in companies. Woman receives in this relationship the opportunity to transfer the responsibility and the right to errors partner, and she provides comfortable and reliable rear.

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