Leo and Pisces compatibility



Male Fish live a dream that one day in their life enters a fairy tale. Female Lion and is for them a fairy tale: a bright, sexy, beautiful, and in addition more and nothing but admiration is not required. Lioness fish will speak beautiful words about love, it is important that their feelings are taken seriously and treated them as a great value - and Lioness able to make advances so that she was pleased to take care of. In the first phase relationship is a royal dignity Lioness with her bright character and outer beauty incredibly attract a male Pisces.

A little later, he will appreciate it and other features. He was very pleased that she takes in all cases the responsibility, initiative, brave and willing to patronize the fish and take care of them. Lioness win reliable attachment of Pisces that will solve many problems and give Pisces feel secure.

Zodiac sign characteristics


These people are very happy. They had to put up with some restrictions: Lioness with the fact that she never let go of the steering wheel of the boat and not family will have a rest behind a reliable and enterprising men and Pisces - the fact that his dreams, fantasies, and now owns only compliments favorite lioness. In an ideal pair Lioness does not complain, she was tired of the constant responsibility, she likes the leading role in the family. Many couples Lions and Pisces separated at this stage: Lioness was not enough strong men around, or it starts to "pull" all by yourself, instead of enjoying life. In an ideal pair Lioness enjoys supremacy and understands that it gives her a chance to be realized in society.

This couple is not too similar sexual temperament, but the lack of fish activity more than offset good compliment, tenderness and love declarations. Lioness every minute feels that she is loved.