Leo and Aquarius compatibility



Aquarians love everything mysterious, new and exciting, so it will attract interesting topics, original ideas and unusual (within reason and sense of style!) Clothes. Aquarius is not jealous and perceptive, so do not try to flirt with others in his presence, or to talk about what you do not know or are not sure what.

Leo and Aquarius often show interest in each other, gradually developing into a whirlwind romance - so rapid that know about it all around. It is difficult to predict how will develop an intimate relationship in this pair, but they are often waiting for something incredible and interesting.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Despite the strong attraction in this pair, mates will have to work hard to Aquarius descended to the "formalities" and offered his beloved legitimize the Union: Aquarius hates "bureaucracy" and responsibility. If Lioness faced with this problem, it should make it clear to Aquarius, as it is important for the Union, as well as to convince a loved one, that after the registration of their way of life will not change significantly, and his freedom will remain the same with him.

They stand out from the crowd with his love, prosperity and dissimilarity to other pairs, as is often the envy of others. They love to go out and attend public events where Lioness shines, and Aquarius shakes the foundations of their original ideas. They are interesting to talk to each other: they always learn something new and learn from each other. After years of marriage Leo learns impartially of criticism, admit their mistakes and become less susceptible to flattery, and Aquarius Leo learns how to give warmth, and will become more serious about it this way.

Perhaps, Leo and Aquarius will never understand each other until the end, but they will always be attracted to each other and the rest of their days, they will be surprised to discover in each other something new. A great combination for the family business: you can be sure that the ideas of Aquarius will be implemented at the highest level and bring a good income.