Leo and Capricorn compatibility



The man born under this sign of the zodiac, the temptation only if he so chooses. Fleeting novels are not for him: Capricorn will spend time and energy only to the woman who would become his companion decent life. According to Capricorn, the ideal woman should be faithful, and respectable business: such that it did not have to be ashamed of in any society. And, of course, the ideal woman should understand all the nuances expressed nothing Capricorn person and be able to see hidden under a stone mask feelings.

Capricorn secretly attracted royalty Lionesses, its looseness in communication and a sense of style. Female lion in turn keen that Capricorn is not like it windy fans, accustomed to overspend in order to satisfy her whims. She feels the solidity and reliability of Capricorn, and thinks that perhaps this man will become a reliable rear and its support (Lioness and can not conceive that the steering can be someone other than her).

Zodiac sign characteristics


In intimate relationships are rarely raging passions: Capricorn is quite conservative and closed. Despite this, Lioness feels very warm and reverent attitude to it, feels loved and the only thing for it is much more important in the long run.

It is difficult to talk about the ideal relationship. Stable pair "Lioness Capricorn" - an alliance that gives, above all, support and protection for the Lionesses and warm feelings for Capricorn. Lioness never be running the show in this pair: all the important decisions in a typically subtle but punchy manner will take Capricorn. However, this is not bad: Finally there exists the man who allow her to occasionally take a break from the brightness in the community, to gather his thoughts, gain strength and will not leave a difficult moment. Partner will also be secretly proud of the radiance and splendor of his lady: Capricorns are no less fond of Lviv status of people and things. Often it is - a very successful life for a couple. They both (or at least some of them) makes a good career, they have a rich house and one family business. This pair is easily found on the most expensive and prestigious resorts in the world.