Leo and Sagittarius compatibility



Lioness often attract the attention of Sagittarius self-confidence, courage and independence. The question is whether Lioness courtship attract men born under this zodiac sign: a woman who is used to the royal treatment, can be annoying that this generous, charming, energetic and witty man behaves with her as a younger sister. He can let inappropriate jokes involving countries topic - if this happens, do not hesitate: Archer tries to captivate you.

If you are attracted by these strange courtship, soon you will find that you have much in common: both of you adore luxury, communication and travel - you will surely find some common interests. And most importantly, you are looking in the same direction.

They have great sex: they understand each other like no other, at first glance, with the first touch. Both appreciate the passion and both important to feel welcome and loved dearly.

Zodiac sign characteristics


They were not easy to give up the false pride and desire to subjugate partner, but they did it and learned a lot from each other. Successful couples - a graphic illustration of the case, when a woman marries a lieutenant and makes him a general. Often goes expanding social horizons of one partner at the expense of another.

There are raging mad passion, but at the same time there are deep feelings and understanding: both are very similar, only the Sagittarius restlessness, foolish and myself. After years of marriage, sharing their feelings for each other not to grow cold, and Sagittarius is more "domesticated", perseverance and calm and Lioness - more responsive, gracious and fair in assessing their own capabilities, both to get rid of excessive pride and despotism.

The woman, Leo and Sagittarius man is seldom many children: the child often alone, but loved and checked on. Families have obtained very sunny, albeit with conflict, but they have real love, and people are genuinely ready to help each other.

During lapping lioness can be annoying banter Sagittarius on its disadvantages, because, according to the Lionesses, it has no flaws ... or a loved one should not notice them. Irritation - Lioness normal reaction of irony and self-irony Sagittarius.

Irritation of the women of this sign can cause embarrassing Sagittarius desire to give her protection, as well as his zeal despite the fact that he does not think small affair and flirting cheating. Misunderstanding and rejection Sagittarius thought out her plan, its willingness to go out of control also displays a Leo woman from herself.

Easy and Sagittarius: he craves admiration from his partner that she can not give him, and wondered if hears only himself. The man born under this sign would wipe his share of admiration and interest may be inward or start looking for insight on the side.