Leo and Scorpio compatibility



Scorpio enjoy such features as Lionesses strength of spirit and pride. He appreciates the strong people, and in a couple of himself chooses only equal to him in power woman. Lioness not afraid of anything, it is ambitious, like himself, Scorpio. Lionesses arrogance and imperiousness Scorpio for some time can make their competitors, until they both realize that together they can be more profitable than compete. Both raise each other's admiration. His feelings of Scorpio to Lioness, perhaps more than love. So, to win the Scorpion, Lioness have to admire him for his strength, ambition and opportunism.
More in the relationship should be a lot of sex. Scorpio is very temperamental and fiery lioness he is perfect. Scorpio does not like how docile and quiet, trouble-free women, and those who flirts, lures, but avoids sex itself. Lioness in sexual behavior remarkably passionate temperament combines with the ability to flirt and provoke. She makes a sexual relationship with her Neskuchniy, exhilarating, but never manipulates sex.

Zodiac sign characteristics


On the part of Lioness and Scorpio look together harmoniously. They behave with dignity, both strong and even dangerous. With this pair are considered. They have few friends: they themselves prefer to keep people at a distance, and all others like them pride and ambition. But with them are always considered. Often appear together in a couple of business life and important social events.
Scorpio in this union is the same passionate and strong woman, like himself. Unlike the Scorpion, Lioness perfectly manage their emotions and emotional state restrains destructive impulses Scorpio. With it, he has much more chance of interesting, but safe life. She has no craving for self-destruction, like scorpions, and she knows how to direct his restless nature in a constructive direction. She herself was thrilled by Scorpion - finally next man that can respect and obey. This is a reliable shoulder, which she was sure, and which will lean on in times of adversity.
The main difficulty in pairs - in the stubbornness of both. Their stubbornness - it is perhaps even worse than their jealousy. After all, knowing well proprietary nature of the partner, the two quickly get rid of provocative behavior, if cherished relationships. A deal with obstinacy, they can not (maybe because I do not consider it a vice).