Leo and Libra compatibility



Scales are happy if they can form an alliance with a strong and active woman. They are attracted to temperamental and bold beauties. Lionesses have courage enough. She is always in the spotlight, her active life position. Libra is very appealing that the activity Lionesses not fussy and reliable. She - a truly strong person, bright, energetic and persistent.

Scales do not like being alone, early start to privacy and the time of the meeting with the lionesses have experience and are usually sad: inexperience they succumb to the charms of the brave, passionate and optional women that are easy to go through life, light, merges into the problems raised the hustle and bustle around him. Full of pride and self-esteem Lioness - a real godsend for Libra. He needs a woman, in which he will be sure and Lioness just like that.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Important role in seduction Libra visual appeal plays a lioness. She looks beautiful, no matter what features it has awarded nature. A Libra - aesthetes, it is important woman's appearance. Lioness does not disappoint them.
Libra man nor attractive and friendly. Both have a mild-mannered, gentle temperament Libra balances Lionesses and charm both of them not to take. Their love for companies, they are frequent guests all parties and celebrations. They can be admired - and the way they look, and their relationships. Lioness and balance is not closed to each other, they lead an active business life, like social events and become successful.

Scales in this union gets peace of mind, he knows that will not betray Lioness. This woman does not happen seven Fridays of the week. At the same time it fun and interesting, it Neskuchniy likes the same thing, and scales. They have the same views on vacation, on life, on the sex life. Lioness of this partnership gets a man who knows how to pay compliments, which is compliant, soft and at the same time talking to their targets, does not become "cloth" under the influence of strong lioness.

Some of them, or both, have a good profession and a career. This provides a pair of life "in the mind" and active interaction with society, both very fond of. Their way of life is rich and beautiful. They pay much attention to the education of children. As a rule, children have few - one or two, but to their education and manners they are treated with great responsibility.