Leo and Virgo compatibility



Strong, confident Lioness should take care of the Virgin. In men, this sign is not too much courage. They are happy to remain in the shadows, but sometimes they realize that drastic actions would be useful, and regret that they did not have enough determination. Lioness can help Virgo. She is not afraid of views, attention and active life position. Sometimes it is necessary to encourage the Virgin and to assure that the lioness ready to support him if something happens, and sometimes have to do something for the Virgin. If Lioness manages to convince the Virgin that she could be his support, he interested in it.

Of great importance is a good taste of a lioness. Most of these women like noise, shine and active events, but in any entertainment, and in communion with the "public" behave decently. For Dev is important, they do not tolerate vulgarity. Lion next to the Virgin to be proud and remember about self-esteem.

Zodiac sign characteristics


This pair does not look good, even if the partners as possible "got used" to each other. From a distance they often do not look a couple, especially since they rarely found together. Virgo busy with work, and in his spare time - calm hobby often - at home or on the farm chores. Lioness likes to "rip", leads an active social life, it is - a frequenter of parties and celebrations. At work, they also do not intersect, because often choose completely different profession. Unlike the perfect pair of non-ideal only in the fact that the partners are satisfied with such a "separate" life.

Lioness in alliance with the Virgin gets his care and material welfare. It can make a career, while Virgo will take over the daily household chores. If Virgo rich (it is not uncommon for men of this sign), life housewives leads already Lioness. It is relax and have fun, while Virgo is working and it is large enough, because a beautiful luxurious woman underlines its status (Virgin always need something to confirm his position, he lacks the confidence to be self-sufficient).