Leo and Leo compatibility



Lioness Lion attracts elegance, regal manner and at the same time fun and friendly character. Lions do not like nerds, hysterical and dull, faded women. They like cheerful, optimistic and strong people. He wants to communicate with him she was glad that she could appreciate his generosity and beautiful courtship, and not greet him with a pile of their problems. Lioness on people, and even more so on a date, always on top. She does not allow herself a bad mood. Any surprise that suit her Lion, will be accepted with enthusiasm.

Important component of sexual relations. Intimacy two lions can be stunning, and can be very bad - if both Leo selfish and prone to narcissism. But it is found, when it will begin the relationship, but to win the Lion exhibit sexual temperament and sex appeal it is necessary to: Leo will not stand in front of a gorgeous woman like a lioness.

Zodiac sign characteristics


From the outside it is bright and beautiful couple. Good mood, self-confidence and self-esteem - that emits steam two lions. They are friendly, never scandals in public, charge people optimism. If using synastry look what is happening in their home, between the two, it will be seen the following picture: Lions often argue with each other. They do not stop the struggle for power. Surrender - not in the nature of Leo, even in the most perfect pair. But this fight for a long time turned them into an exciting game. They do not hurt the pride of each other and not allow themselves rude and unforgivable behavior. They have an active sex life, both passionate and prefer to satisfy their appetites with each other, and are not looking for thrills on the side.

Lioness in perfect union with a male Lion is the one who, on the one hand, strong and ready to defend it, on the other - does not become belligerent macho, but remains a gentleman and never tires pamper your woman. Leo, in alliance with the lioness gets a worthy companion: smart, beautiful and understand.