Leo and Cancer compatibility



Lionesses can not even pay attention to the cancer that they seem somehow dull and washed-out, despite its great sense of humor. Therefore, the initiator is usually the beginning of the relationship man-Cancer, precipitating a female Lion with an enviable patience as long as she does not deign to bring it to its regal look. But often for such behavior should not Lionesses true indifference, and the right strategy to conquer cancer.

Cancer like women who belong to him alone. They are modest and nice, and do not look like bright royal lioness. So even if you really are interested in Cancer lioness, she should behave as if it is not interested in the relationship: Cancer, despite the sensitivity and vulnerability, he likes to win, and a woman for serious relationship waiting for modesty.

The couple interesting sex: Cancer is very tender and feels the desire of the Lady and female lion passionate and temperamental. An exciting combination of water and fire.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Female lion and a male cancer carried their love through all the difficulties and learn to respect each other's views, sometimes abandon pride (Leo) and resentment from scratch (Cancer). Lioness in a favorable alliance will become more wise and tolerant, and Cancer learn from her courage and determination.

Lioness should realize that their union leader is Cancer, and accept it. Yes, this modest nice man accustomed imperceptibly, slowly but surely, to seek their own, and of fundamental importance for the union decision will still take it. Leo woman does not realize how he will achieve the desired because Cancer prefers to act quickly, and do not throw an open challenge. This may put a damper on her and confusing: she herself used to be a leader. However, if the lioness will understand that it can coordinate the actions of Cancer, she calms down, which will benefit both partners.

Two such different people can never fully understand each other, and will always remain a mystery to his partner. It promises a lot of difficulties, but with the proviso that the two love each other, guarantee a constant freshness and newness of the relationship.