Leo and Gemini compatibility



A man born under the sign of Gemini, smart women are not afraid - on the contrary: he loves erudite, confident, stylish, even more extravagant women. Lioness subdue the man charm, impeccable taste and energy. The twins are impressed with the fact that this woman can take care of herself.

At Leo and Gemini at first glance very much in common: they have a similar way of life, often a common hobby, they like the same books, the same people and principles. Oh yes, it's for both of them run fans and admirers. Not surprisingly, the Leo and Gemini are fascinated by each other from the very first meeting.

But sex can disappoint. Male twins sometimes too careless, that does not like a regal lioness accustomed to universal adoration. This woman loves to her and physically proven that it is desirable and loved.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Forever something engaged and interested, they are constantly together even if they are separated by a plurality of kilometers Gemini certainly will call several times a day to share news and to ask for advice, which they will not follow, and the Lions are happy to tell about their own victories. Over the years, their feelings are not blёknut, but only gaining momentum.

A leading role in this alliance plays a Lioness. Patiently and convincingly proves it suspicious Twins first need to legitimize the relationship, then the need to settle down, and then ... - Lioness always something to prove and convince directing the creative energy of the Twins in the right direction.

Any other woman it would be tired, but Lioness like lead and see the results of "education". The main thing here - do not take full responsibility, otherwise Gemini relax and instruct you to all the household chores. Sometimes it is useful, without batting an eye, lie, without it you can not vobёte in this nail wall for a new reproduction of Picasso. Let us think about art, nail vobёt and boasts its own significance. Occasionally.