Leo and Taurus compatibility



Leo and Taurus are the most stable signs of the Zodiac. They are constant in their tastes, feelings and way of life. If the couple cope with misunderstanding and differences in nature, then there is little disrupt their life together. Both appreciate all the time, so cherish the strong relationship and faithful partner. What tests did not bring them to fate, they will fight them and defend their union. Even if there was a pair of serious misunderstanding, betrayal, love disappeared anyway Lioness and Taurus will keep the relationship to last.

Taurus in its relations with the lioness found a man brings joy to his house. She is friendly, fun and energetic. Taurus loves a good comfortable life and Lioness can arrange daily lives with this style. Stingy Taurus near the lioness sees that his money will not go nowhere, they are of great use, go into luxury and beautiful things. Lioness generous and often no money and social achievements of the fact that scattered chances. Taurus helps her not to get carried away, not to lose all that she has - he's thrifty, not only in money but also in other matters.

Zodiac sign characteristics


The first problem of a lioness and Taurus will begin in connection with money. Taurus economy, he does not throw money down the drain and a lot of work. Lioness is also not an idle, but it is important in the self-realization, and Taurus - earnings. Lioness refers to money is not as Taurus. She's waiting for him generosity. Expensive gifts and recreation for her - a mandatory attribute of love. She spends the money, according to the Taurus, on nonsense. She likes luxury. She is capable of generous gestures towards complete strangers. Taurus does not like extravagance Lioness and her - it sparingly.

Taurus can skimp on flowers, luxury vacation in those places where the lioness loves to be on the secular parties. His gifts are practical. He can give the right thing can pay vacation at a resort with a good climate and excellent service, but regret to spend money on expensive pretentious restaurant, all the value of which - in prestige.