Leo and Aries compatibility



Aries Venus weak. Therefore Aries poorly understand what softness, femininity, pliability and weakness. Their ideal woman - strong, passionate and temperamental. Lioness enchant them at a glance. Her bright personality and strong character - for Aries sign of "real women." It will delight its vitality, courage and self-confidence. Lioness can not be called weak, it is able to subdue the people, and Aries is one of those men who appreciate such a character.

Aries likes to look clearly and passionately, he does not like when a woman behaves in response to restraint and not show feelings. If it does not meet the response, then quickly cools. Lioness not simply hide feelings - she shows them a dramatic, theatrical and exaggerated. She is very sensitive to the signs of attention, and Aries sees all that he does, she says, and pays tribute. He realizes that his romantic impulses do not go to waste. Responsiveness Lioness courtship makes it very attractive for Aries.

Zodiac sign characteristics


It is an activity energetic people. They did not hesitate to show their love in public. Caught in the company, Lioness and Aries are able to play the "African passion" with courtship, flirtation and a violent quarrel because of jealousy. Therefore, they do not like at a party: they pay little attention to others. Lioness not averse to collect tribute from other men present, but Aries and stands out at the first "assault" on his lioness able to arrange a trial with the "rivals".

But alone this pair also be boring. They have too much energy. Part of it they spend on sex, which remains even after years of passionate relationship. A portion is directed to some common cause. Joint business of Leo and Aries - the frequent phenomenon. In an ideal pair of people trust each other and, therefore, are not afraid to combine business efforts and their finances.

Children in the pair are rare: the two do not see his vocation as parents. If the child and there is, in very young or alternatively in adult age parents, typically only one.