Leo and Pisces compatibility



Male Fish live a dream that one day in their life enters a fairy tale. Female Lion and is for them a fairy tale: a bright, sexy, beautiful, and in addition more and nothing but admiration is not required. Lioness fish will speak beautiful words about love, it is important that their feelings are taken seriously and treated them as a great value - and Lioness able to make advances so that she was pleased to take care of. In the first phase relationship is a royal dignity Lioness with her bright character and outer beauty incredibly attract a male Pisces.

A little later, he will appreciate it and other features. He was very pleased that she takes in all cases the responsibility, initiative, brave and willing to patronize the fish and take care of them. Lioness win reliable attachment of Pisces that will solve many problems and give Pisces feel secure.

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Leo and Aquarius compatibility



Aquarians love everything mysterious, new and exciting, so it will attract interesting topics, original ideas and unusual (within reason and sense of style!) Clothes. Aquarius is not jealous and perceptive, so do not try to flirt with others in his presence, or to talk about what you do not know or are not sure what.

Leo and Aquarius often show interest in each other, gradually developing into a whirlwind romance - so rapid that know about it all around. It is difficult to predict how will develop an intimate relationship in this pair, but they are often waiting for something incredible and interesting.

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Leo and Capricorn compatibility



The man born under this sign of the zodiac, the temptation only if he so chooses. Fleeting novels are not for him: Capricorn will spend time and energy only to the woman who would become his companion decent life. According to Capricorn, the ideal woman should be faithful, and respectable business: such that it did not have to be ashamed of in any society. And, of course, the ideal woman should understand all the nuances expressed nothing Capricorn person and be able to see hidden under a stone mask feelings.

Capricorn secretly attracted royalty Lionesses, its looseness in communication and a sense of style. Female lion in turn keen that Capricorn is not like it windy fans, accustomed to overspend in order to satisfy her whims. She feels the solidity and reliability of Capricorn, and thinks that perhaps this man will become a reliable rear and its support (Lioness and can not conceive that the steering can be someone other than her).

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Leo and Sagittarius compatibility



Lioness often attract the attention of Sagittarius self-confidence, courage and independence. The question is whether Lioness courtship attract men born under this zodiac sign: a woman who is used to the royal treatment, can be annoying that this generous, charming, energetic and witty man behaves with her as a younger sister. He can let inappropriate jokes involving countries topic - if this happens, do not hesitate: Archer tries to captivate you.

If you are attracted by these strange courtship, soon you will find that you have much in common: both of you adore luxury, communication and travel - you will surely find some common interests. And most importantly, you are looking in the same direction.

They have great sex: they understand each other like no other, at first glance, with the first touch. Both appreciate the passion and both important to feel welcome and loved dearly.

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Leo and Scorpio compatibility



Scorpio enjoy such features as Lionesses strength of spirit and pride. He appreciates the strong people, and in a couple of himself chooses only equal to him in power woman. Lioness not afraid of anything, it is ambitious, like himself, Scorpio. Lionesses arrogance and imperiousness Scorpio for some time can make their competitors, until they both realize that together they can be more profitable than compete. Both raise each other's admiration. His feelings of Scorpio to Lioness, perhaps more than love. So, to win the Scorpion, Lioness have to admire him for his strength, ambition and opportunism.
More in the relationship should be a lot of sex. Scorpio is very temperamental and fiery lioness he is perfect. Scorpio does not like how docile and quiet, trouble-free women, and those who flirts, lures, but avoids sex itself. Lioness in sexual behavior remarkably passionate temperament combines with the ability to flirt and provoke. She makes a sexual relationship with her Neskuchniy, exhilarating, but never manipulates sex.

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Leo and Libra compatibility



Scales are happy if they can form an alliance with a strong and active woman. They are attracted to temperamental and bold beauties. Lionesses have courage enough. She is always in the spotlight, her active life position. Libra is very appealing that the activity Lionesses not fussy and reliable. She - a truly strong person, bright, energetic and persistent.

Scales do not like being alone, early start to privacy and the time of the meeting with the lionesses have experience and are usually sad: inexperience they succumb to the charms of the brave, passionate and optional women that are easy to go through life, light, merges into the problems raised the hustle and bustle around him. Full of pride and self-esteem Lioness - a real godsend for Libra. He needs a woman, in which he will be sure and Lioness just like that.

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Leo and Virgo compatibility



Strong, confident Lioness should take care of the Virgin. In men, this sign is not too much courage. They are happy to remain in the shadows, but sometimes they realize that drastic actions would be useful, and regret that they did not have enough determination. Lioness can help Virgo. She is not afraid of views, attention and active life position. Sometimes it is necessary to encourage the Virgin and to assure that the lioness ready to support him if something happens, and sometimes have to do something for the Virgin. If Lioness manages to convince the Virgin that she could be his support, he interested in it.

Of great importance is a good taste of a lioness. Most of these women like noise, shine and active events, but in any entertainment, and in communion with the "public" behave decently. For Dev is important, they do not tolerate vulgarity. Lion next to the Virgin to be proud and remember about self-esteem.

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Leo and Leo compatibility



Lioness Lion attracts elegance, regal manner and at the same time fun and friendly character. Lions do not like nerds, hysterical and dull, faded women. They like cheerful, optimistic and strong people. He wants to communicate with him she was glad that she could appreciate his generosity and beautiful courtship, and not greet him with a pile of their problems. Lioness on people, and even more so on a date, always on top. She does not allow herself a bad mood. Any surprise that suit her Lion, will be accepted with enthusiasm.

Important component of sexual relations. Intimacy two lions can be stunning, and can be very bad - if both Leo selfish and prone to narcissism. But it is found, when it will begin the relationship, but to win the Lion exhibit sexual temperament and sex appeal it is necessary to: Leo will not stand in front of a gorgeous woman like a lioness.

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Leo and Cancer compatibility



Lionesses can not even pay attention to the cancer that they seem somehow dull and washed-out, despite its great sense of humor. Therefore, the initiator is usually the beginning of the relationship man-Cancer, precipitating a female Lion with an enviable patience as long as she does not deign to bring it to its regal look. But often for such behavior should not Lionesses true indifference, and the right strategy to conquer cancer.

Cancer like women who belong to him alone. They are modest and nice, and do not look like bright royal lioness. So even if you really are interested in Cancer lioness, she should behave as if it is not interested in the relationship: Cancer, despite the sensitivity and vulnerability, he likes to win, and a woman for serious relationship waiting for modesty.

The couple interesting sex: Cancer is very tender and feels the desire of the Lady and female lion passionate and temperamental. An exciting combination of water and fire.

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Leo and Gemini compatibility



A man born under the sign of Gemini, smart women are not afraid - on the contrary: he loves erudite, confident, stylish, even more extravagant women. Lioness subdue the man charm, impeccable taste and energy. The twins are impressed with the fact that this woman can take care of herself.

At Leo and Gemini at first glance very much in common: they have a similar way of life, often a common hobby, they like the same books, the same people and principles. Oh yes, it's for both of them run fans and admirers. Not surprisingly, the Leo and Gemini are fascinated by each other from the very first meeting.

But sex can disappoint. Male twins sometimes too careless, that does not like a regal lioness accustomed to universal adoration. This woman loves to her and physically proven that it is desirable and loved.

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Leo and Taurus compatibility



Leo and Taurus are the most stable signs of the Zodiac. They are constant in their tastes, feelings and way of life. If the couple cope with misunderstanding and differences in nature, then there is little disrupt their life together. Both appreciate all the time, so cherish the strong relationship and faithful partner. What tests did not bring them to fate, they will fight them and defend their union. Even if there was a pair of serious misunderstanding, betrayal, love disappeared anyway Lioness and Taurus will keep the relationship to last.

Taurus in its relations with the lioness found a man brings joy to his house. She is friendly, fun and energetic. Taurus loves a good comfortable life and Lioness can arrange daily lives with this style. Stingy Taurus near the lioness sees that his money will not go nowhere, they are of great use, go into luxury and beautiful things. Lioness generous and often no money and social achievements of the fact that scattered chances. Taurus helps her not to get carried away, not to lose all that she has - he's thrifty, not only in money but also in other matters.

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Leo and Aries compatibility



Aries Venus weak. Therefore Aries poorly understand what softness, femininity, pliability and weakness. Their ideal woman - strong, passionate and temperamental. Lioness enchant them at a glance. Her bright personality and strong character - for Aries sign of "real women." It will delight its vitality, courage and self-confidence. Lioness can not be called weak, it is able to subdue the people, and Aries is one of those men who appreciate such a character.

Aries likes to look clearly and passionately, he does not like when a woman behaves in response to restraint and not show feelings. If it does not meet the response, then quickly cools. Lioness not simply hide feelings - she shows them a dramatic, theatrical and exaggerated. She is very sensitive to the signs of attention, and Aries sees all that he does, she says, and pays tribute. He realizes that his romantic impulses do not go to waste. Responsiveness Lioness courtship makes it very attractive for Aries.

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