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Born June 23 can be proud of its charm. This quality allows them to be agreeable, loved in marriage. It is liberated, people are fond of, but in marriage, they become devotees halves, able not only to receive, but to give a warm feeling.

One problem: bring them to the altar, it is very difficult, they tend to delay this moment as much as possible on a later date, so their partners often "go the distance" and not waiting for marriage proposal or replying to it.

Diseases born June 23
They are equally well become a "slave" in all respects: in love, and working. But if the situation is such that they must lead, then they do their jobs perfectly.

The thing is that the issue of leadership is not interested in them as an end in itself, and therefore in that, and in other roles they feel comfortable. Sincerity relationship means to them far more than the opportunity to take a prestigious post.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Which zodiac sign born June 23?
Cancers born on June 23 with keen interest related not only to the sensual side of relationships, but also physiological. They love to dig into all the nuances, trying to figure out the nature of the occurrence of certain sensations.

They are looking for a soul mate obsessively, "try on" her under himself as a moral associate and partner with specific physical characteristics.

Taurus, Pisces and Scorpios can become their spouses, but much depends on the percentage of "coincidences" to be found Cancer.

Jobs and careers of those born on June 23
Very well-developed intuition and practicality combined give people born on June 23 the opportunity to be successful in their careers. However, they should carefully choose a profession: monotonous, routine work it is absolutely contraindicated, but the art - it is their path. Here they will be able to throw out their passion for love joys, to give it more correct to form a society.

Striking emotionality - one of the qualities that distinguish artists from the total number of people. Born June 23 easily become "stars", but others can be difficult to communicate with them because of their blatant sexuality and indomitable desire not only to narrate the whole world about their love affairs, but also to actively discuss the nuances of other people.

Tips for those who born on June 23
These Cancers are emotional, but it should be remembered that the art - is primarily a celebration of beauty, both in feelings and in appearance, love affairs can only damage the reputation, but do not allow to know the essence. If you change the daily images that fit to forget who you really are, and the surrounding general cease to perceive them as a person.

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