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June 13 - the birthday of twins, but the number of birth gives these bright and sociable people are also logical, hard work and perseverance in building their own careers. Hard work and perseverance are not usually characteristic of air-twins, but this is exactly the case when the features of the zodiac sign corrected date of birth. All the energy of the Twin born on this day, people are investing in its target, very often this ambition. However, dry logicians bright Gemini will not happen, will take care of their planet-patron - Mercury.

Diseases born June 13
Very often, born June 13 are injured and traumatized, and therefore they need to be especially careful. In addition to this "physical" danger, born June 13 Twins are often victims of their psyche. They can seriously threaten madness or just strong psychological problems.

Zodiac sign characteristics


These people need to ensure that not too deeply immersed in his fantasy that can replace the real life. Even if a person who was born on June 13 does not suffer from any mental illness, he was from time to time need counseling therapist or psychologist, and a friendly wise advice in different situations for him will never be over. Otherwise, these people are at risk to save a lot of negativity inside, which may one day develop into uncontrolled in the near and dear people.

Born June 13, as well as other twins, an important part of traveling, studying cultures of other countries, introduction to the new and unknown. If this is not possible, and they have most of my life to sit in one place, this draft still need to somehow satisfy: to read books about other countries and peoples, watch movies, learn another culture and traditions of cuisine in the world.

Jobs and careers of those born June 13
Born June 13 Gemini endowed thirst for creative expression, often they become actors and artists. They also love to share their knowledge, they open the way to pedagogy and teaching. They succeed in trading business, as their deep logical mind allows them to build interesting and challenging circuit and to calculate in advance the actions of competitors.

Sometimes, these people give themselves to the service of religion, metaphysics or esoterica. This is due to the fact that they are all the time looking like a mythical soul mate, his twin. Hence their love of travel, and their interest in the unknown, to mystery, the mysteries of the human soul. History and psychology also fall within the scope of their interests.

Fantasies and dreams that can shake the mental health of these people, often lead them to success, or simply maintained in a series of boring monotony of everyday life. However, if born on June 13 will not be able to become prominent in his chosen profession, his comparison of fantasy and reality, it would be great to beat on his self-esteem and undermine mental health.

These people need to remember that it is impossible for them there, and in no doubt, feel free to follow the chosen path. Their feelings and tone of their mood and morale depends on how quickly and easily they achieve the desired and will be able to overcome the difficulties encountered on their way. The only critical - not the most powerful place born June 13, and they may then become victims of their imaginations, greatly overestimating themselves and their achievements. However, some of these people manage to live in their illusions until old age.

Born June 13, due to their nature geminate contraindicated boring and monotonous work in the factory or in the office. If they have thus earn a living, they need to find an active and interesting hobby.

Tips for those born June 13
Born June 13 do not so much live in the present. The past or the future takes their minds much more. They love legends, stories and brilliant heroes past. Often, these people tend to find such a hero in their environment, placing the relevant hopes for a friend or colleague.

Born June 13 obviously is to cultivate a healthy criticism and not to attempt to require a real live people of heroism and strength of the heroes of legend. Unfortunately, born June 13 very prone to idealization and the creation for yourself an idol, as a consequence, to the bitter disappointment in the people and the surrounding reality.

Born June 13 often overlooked some simple household items, and may resemble cartoon scattered scientist who a day looking glasses sitting on his nose. They are all the time immersed in their thoughts, ideas and imagination at the same time they want action, and action unusual success, entertainment and appreciation.

They love risk and adrenaline. Therefore, a suitable occupation for these people can be spectacular extreme sport. Sport Twins need because they love to move and quite restless, it takes over their restless energy and can give them fans and popularity. Born June 13 definitely need to think through how they intend to meet the demands of his overactive nature and his thirst for adventure.

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