Birthday July  31  horoscope



Fate: In this day people come into the world endowed with good health, have a stable psyche, do not remove the stars from the sky, but always ensuring stability, good living conditions. They are accommodating and always willing to put her shoulder to someone who needs it. Born July 31 - loyal, trustworthy friends, at any time, come to the rescue, will have full support. Well formed their family life, and the rare minor troubles will not be able to destroy the family idyll.

Mystery birthday: Special interest born July 31 to show what it means to them to be a man in a broad sense. Questions of morality and philosophy in the context of psychology almost completely capture their attention, it is not leaving time for everyday activities. For them there are no taboo subjects in matters of human behavior. They love to hear stories about all kinds of crimes, tyranny and cruelty, persecution. They are interested in the behavior of the heroes of these stories - the victims, martyrs, saints and criminals. Soulfully person for them are worthy of imitation.

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However, nothing is foreign born July 31. As they are interested in things and events of everyday life, all kinds of traditions, customs, passed the test of time. Born July 31 felt a tremendous need to share with others what they know themselves. Introverted nature prefer to communicate in writing (letters, diaries, essays) or by painting or music; extroverts choose direct open communication. Inexhaustible talent narrator is present in those born July 31. They never miss an opportunity to express their thoughts about the ideals of men and women, the ideal organization of society, and thus they are always sympathetic listeners.

Born July 31, preference is given work, and it often adversely affects their family relationships and in communicating with friends. Relatives are often underestimated and criticized. Some of those born July 31 why choose to live alone, but it is only in rare cases, it has been delayed for a long time.

For those born July 31 characterized by a realistic perception of the world, but sometimes it brings them to the point of pessimism. As a result, the perception of the phenomena of life become too negative, which eventually transferred to themselves. Sometimes it seems that born July 31 are simply doomed to suffering. It should be noted that realism inherent born July 31 should never cross the line of reasonable avoid excessive negativity. These people often need to think about what is currently an imperfect world can change and improve, through their own efforts. Making daily action of warmth and kindness, born July 31 will become such perfect individuals, which are so often they reflected and represented in his dreams.

Health: Birth July 31 regarding the need to guard against neglect their own health. They are too often obsessed with intellectual problems and concerns about the welfare of others, so forget about the importance of a balanced diet, good health and sleep sports. Endless alarm entail insomnia, so you need to learn how to "clean screen" of their experiences before snomhorosho can relieve tension reading bedtime, sex or casual conversation with someone you love trivia. Being not indifferent to the behavior of people born July 31 chosen sports team, however, should always monitor the load and not to cross the boundaries of moderation, unless of course, it is not a professional athleticism and power sports.

Tip: Throw away the pessimism, do not let him fill your mind, take root in your life and career. Your realism is valuable, but it should not sow frustration and unhappiness. Give your knowledge to others, and the world is filled with bright colors for you.

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