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Fate: People born on July 30, independent, independent, fearless individuals. They love the freedom, wary respond to foreign intervention in their lives. Born July 30 very lucky in business, it is also very successful in the financial sector. The only drawback is their restlessness, they are sprayed on several things at once, all the energy is not enough, as a result of any one thing, not carried to its logical conclusion - it leads to both financial problems and further disappointment in life.

The mystery of the birth: Born July 30, like to stand out from the crowd, they can not be overlooked. Strong, persistent and flexible personality, who know - and what they want to aspire to firmly stand on their feet. They will not be distracted by the blank, in their opinion things: for contemplation and philosophy, it is difficult to understand the other side of life, not material, even more difficult to penetrate into it.

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Born July 30 very loudly express their creative ideas and thoughts. They are quite closed to the metaphysical phenomena. Interest in the metaphysical concept appears with age, they become more loyal and open.

One of the difficult issues for them is death and love. They are not easy to accept the fact that death - this is the end of existence, but also to the immortality of the soul, they, too, are skeptical. As for love, for some, the general concept such as the - love is in question. They believe that love does not exist, there is only a physiological need - sex. That is why they eventually comes cynicism, which makes life difficult and further personal development. Many consciously unwilling to normal relations in their head there the line between light feeling and natural instincts.

Born July 30 live and act pragmatically, by earthly principles, and only towards the 50 years they have an interest in philosophy and religion. They begin to think in their lives, new and exciting experiences and interests, called to life on the other side (as a rule - it coincides with the second treatment of Saturn).

Born July 30 mobile and physically developed personality. They are addicted to all kinds of physical activity. Women who were born on July 30, very clean, pay special attention to personal hygiene and physical form. But are often completely unprepared for the challenges of life, it is difficult to deal with their phobias, any unexpected turn of events baffled. However, there is a positive side, thanks to such shocks, born July 30 throw challenge your fears and overcome them certainly - it gives them an incentive to spiritual knowledge, which leads to the development of their personality and in the future will help to deepen their understanding of the value of life.

Health: Born July 30 must carefully monitor their diet to comply with the norm in the use of food, do not overeat. Overeating - their biggest problem, because the excess protein and sugar can negatively affect health.
Very low-key people, which is why often suffer from repressed aggression, afraid to break and throw out your negative emotions, showing his lack of balance.

Born July 30 watching his physical form and in some cases have physically defective people may have a mental disorder - hypochondriac syndrome. As is well known - people with a similar syndrome fanatically look after their health, seek out at more and more sore afraid for themselves and for life itself.

Tip: Try not to focus on the material world, go beyond it, show interest in the metaphysical phenomena. Grow spiritually, and revealing a spiritual qualities. Try to be more active and open, not closed in on itself. Be cheerful, optimistic, leading a stable and measured way of life.

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