Birthday July  23  horoscope



Optimistic, sociable and friendly - these are the three pillars on which is based the character of Leo, born July 23. It's true leaders who are willing to lead all who are attracted commitment and thirst for life this sign of the zodiac.

Which zodiac sign born July 23
Such people tend to perceive themselves as heroes, whose mission - to pave the way for others. In fact, this is not very much and need others, but such a noble goal assists born July 23, feel obliged to help people and be sure to leave a bright trace in this life.

Sometimes such people tend to doubt and even crises in different ages, because they often need to confirm their usefulness and features.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Diseases born July 23
The most important thing that can threaten Leo, born on July 23 is the abuse of antidepressants on the background of alcohol. In general, almost all the issues that arise in these people with health conditions associated with stress and to overcome them. Even in taking a surfeit of food - it's just the need to "seize" the stress.

If a person who was born on July 23 to learn to cope with depressive states and stress through yoga, breathing practices, or by observing a special diet, he rid himself of the many challenges associated with moving to the doctors, examination and treatment of illnesses.

Jobs and Careers born July 23
Especially those who were born on July 23 is that, in any case, these people tend to get to the essence, to understand the cause-effect relationships. And it is hard to overestimate the quality of such professions as a scientist, or, for example, the investigator. When choosing a profession it is necessary to take into account as discipline, responsibility and punctuality these people.

The correct choice of occupation will help Lions, who were born on July 23 to apply all their best qualities for the good of society, and it is so important to them. If the profession is chosen correctly, the possibility of permanent crises, loss of interest in their work, depression and much more that is inherent to any who are unable to realize himself to man.

Tips born July 23
Find a balance in everything: emotion and rationalism own inner world and reality, spirituality and practicality. And then you get rid of the "inner demons" that can drive you crazy.

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