Birthday July  22  horoscope



July 22 - a day of transition between signs Cancer and Leo. This could not impose a mark on people born on this day. They are quite difficult to maintain a balance in life: that they pursue the failure, then visits a great success.

But such people, it seems to be quite happy, because in any situation they feel pretty comfortable. But sometimes the recognition they sought almost all his life, comes to them only after death.

What is the sign of the zodiac July 22
Born on this day like to apply dramatic effects in various situations, since they are inherent artistic talents. They are not recommended to suppress their emotions, because it is fraught with outbursts of anger, and the deterioration of health. Imbalance - the main reason for that to be in the company of such people sometimes quite difficult.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Diseases born July 22
Solid confidence born on July 22 that their health does not happen, can play with them a cruel joke. Persistent lack of sleep, stress, intemperance in the use of food, smoking - all this harms the body. And if time does not pay attention to it, the illnesses caused by these factors can become chronic.

In order for a long time to think about your health, you need to eat in a timely manner, strictly set hours, and stop smoking, alcohol and coffee. This will help avoid physical stress and exhaustion, as well as prevent heart disease, the spine and the stomach, which can be triggered by stressful situations.

Jobs and Careers born July 22
Ambition and desire to reach the top of the career help Cancers born on July 22 to deal with all the difficulties that await them in this way. To do this, they have a lot of work and little rest. But even then, they can not be sure that the fame and success will accompany him for the rest of life.

Differences in career - a common occurrence for those born July 22, but they are willing to put up with it, did not hesitate to why this is happening. With them, it is sometimes difficult to work with because they do not notice their own mistakes and are not ready to accept them. Moreover, sometimes they lay things to do "in the closet", without worrying about what it might harm the work.

Tips born July 22
Follow health and avoid excesses, accustomed themselves to discipline and punctuality, and then recognition and success is guaranteed.

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