Birthday July  21  horoscope



Emotional sensitivity helps people born on July 21 to perceive the world in a rainbow of bright colors or dark colors. This is related to their mood swings, lack of confidence, and sometimes even real despair. Despite this, their appearance in public eagerly awaited, because they know how to present themselves and around them always seething emotions.

Which zodiac sign born July 21
These people do not just create movement around them, they - movement. However, along the way they just serve different tragicomic situation. It seems that they are always at the center of a tornado that can carry everything around.

Thriller, horror, disaster movies and spy series - all this is very attractive for Cancers born on July 21. Another thing is that some of them are ready to transfer plots of these films in their lives. And then to be next to them becomes simply dangerous. Especially if their desire for shock and the game becomes a real death "fixed idea."

Zodiac sign characteristics


Diseases born July 21
Permanent injuries, accidents and even accidents - all of it is quite common for those born July 21. Perhaps because such people as if dangerous situations themselves looking to tickle their nerves.

Representatives of this sign are prone to excesses in food and alcohol, as contemptuous of themselves and their health. Any attempt to persuade them to moderate exercise and disease prevention end in nothing. Too, they are confident that their health problems is not exactly threatening.

Jobs and Careers born July 21
When choosing a job for people who were born on July 21, it should be remembered that they thrive in stressful situations when you need to make the right and informed decisions. Therefore, an excellent option for such people is to choose the profession of judge, arbitrator, negotiator.

In addition, they feel perfectly poetic words, so many of them are brilliant writers, public figures and speakers. Some find themselves in trade, especially if it's active sales, requiring pressure and even some aggression.

Tips born July 21
Despite the fact that crabs born on July 21, always with honor out of the most difficult troubles, ever total luck can result. And then, even a brilliant sense of humor, which helps such people comfortable with the daily disasters in their lives, is unlikely to help.

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