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Born July 19 - an amazing personality that is equally characteristic boldness, brilliance, independence, combined with caution and practicality. Such interlocking qualities sometimes playing with these people a cruel joke: they are prone to mood swings, depression, and depression.

Which zodiac sign born July 19
However, intuitively, they always find the right solution, even in the most difficult situations. Often it is preceded by a rapid and emotional decisions about which people born July 19, rue. But ultimately it is such solutions are the most correct and effective.

Typically, these people are very closely watching their appearance, though, because it is important to the impression they make on others.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Diseases born July 19
A person born on July 19, subject to rheumatism, so he certainly should avoid colds and used exercise in moderation. In order to become harmonious, they can take up yoga or, for example, dancing. But this is not necessarily because the required exercise they can get in the gym and in the pool.

Internal imbalances can lead to the fact that they are about to be capricious or without bringing themselves and others to the utmost irritation. This can not but affect the health, so this imbalance it is necessary to correct by themselves for an occupation that will result in such a person in a state of equilibrium.

Jobs and Careers born July 19
Objective self-esteem and the ability to admit mistakes - that appreciate in people born on July 19, as a subordinate and superiors. Amazing ability to cultivate can not command respect of others. Their personality, which many representatives of this sign develop and improve life, leads them in creative professions where they can express it adequately.

Critical of the adulation and appreciation for the work, as in some cases this can lead to high self-esteem and loss of objectivity. In addition, the environmental assessment is necessary to avoid excessive subjectivity, namely the attribution to others of their own feelings and emotions.

Tips born July 19
Do not be idealistic, otherwise you can expect a lot of frustration, and a direct path to depression and despondency. A sober assessment of the situation, actions and others that will keep internal harmony and tranquility.

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