Birthday July  11  horoscope



On this day born cautious and secretive Cancers, by nature have patience, hard work and ability to think and act rationally. Much of their fate depends on them, especially in youth. By adulthood this artist Rakov takes forgiveness and thanks to the ability to actively work succeeds.

Which zodiac sign born July 11?
Subtlety is not this group Rakov prevent them from having their circle of friends with whom they share their experiences. Other people's secrets these cancers trust is not: they can transfer them to outsiders.

Cancers born on this day, socially active, interested in literally everything. They are cunning and can misinform anyone in their interests. With an innate artistry, they can pretend to be helpless. Often, their deception and hypocrisy are exposed, then Rakov reputation suffers.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Leadership does not attract Cancers born on this day as they try to avoid responsibility. They are also characterized by a tendency to narcissism, preoccupation with their appearance and views of their homes. Crabs spend a lot of time on the selection of the wardrobe and home improvement, having good taste.

Excessive dreaming and hope for the fate of the characteristic of Cancers of the day, but not always, their hopes and dreams come true.

Diseases born July 11
Cancers that day peculiar fondness for gourmet food and overeating, often causing them to suffer gastrointestinal tract. Characterized as stress, affecting the entire body. Cancers love to try new items and medicine to use them, even if they do not suit them.

Jobs and careers of those born July 11
Cancers born on this day, career interests, to a lesser extent than private life. However, they are due to the talent and hard work are almost always become strong professionals in business, medicine, pedagogy and other activities, which need social activity. The leading positions are, as a rule, do not take yes for them and they do not seek.

Tips for those born July 11
These cancers should temper their narcissism and to be closer to the people. Communicating with them, to the extent necessary to dissemble, or simply stop trusting surrounding cancers. In the field of health should be balanced, balanced diet, it is very useful massage and therapeutic baths. A regular, but not excessive exercise, and full sexual relations will help Cancer to be more stable and balanced.

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