Birthday July  9  horoscope



On this day born Cancers that fate provides two opposite possibilities. One of them - a purposeful work on the development of his nature and finding success, financial prosperity. In this way good fortune and luck will help Raku- "nine". There is another way - go with the flow, making no effort to develop. The result is a degradation and a miserable life, devoid of meaning.

Which zodiac sign born July 9?
Raki- "Nine" by nature active, have a rich imagination, an inquisitive and curious mind. These qualities make them aspire to the knowledge of the unknown, do science, to travel, to go on an expedition. Cancers that have chosen the path of self-improvement, set themselves lofty goals, different social activities. They are also very responsible and practical, perfectly able to manage work and family team.

The difficulties only harden Cancers of the group, encouraging them to take decisive action and move on to their targets. It is a strong and independent person, not over-emphasize their dignity, too often stand out from the crowd. But if you know them closer, you may find that they are sensitive and responsive, never betray and will not leave in the lurch.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Diseases born July 9
Rakam- "nine" can threaten nervous exhaustion, anemia, depression. Strong nature cope with these diseases themselves. Cancers in this group tend to experiment on themselves: exotic diet, new medicine, medical practice, sometimes they are just at risk. But most of the experiments aimed at improving the health, work out.

There is also a danger of injury accidents - this can cause too strong curiosity and high activity.

Jobs and careers of those born July 9
Of Cancers born on this day are obtained talented scientists in all fields of science, engineers, computer scientists. In business, it is a reliable business partners, successful managers and executives. Cancers are able to work in a team and always ready to support colleagues and partners advice and practical actions.

Tips for those born July 9
Advice Rakam- "nine" - do not risk your health. In other spheres of life they need to set realistic goals, not soaring in the clouds. When failures should analyze their causes, nature and strong will allow long afflicted, and even benefit from a negative experience.

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