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Born July 6 cancers in childhood vulnerable closed and love solitude. But over time, these features are retreating, and they are sociable, stubborn and single-minded. Adult Rak- "Six" is a rather controversial personality: on the one hand - sometimes excessive insistence on the other - vulnerability and sensibility.

Which zodiac sign born July 6?
It is a cancer that is not always able to control their desires. Achieving goals, such a person may make enemies. In case of failure of this group Cancers deep experience their failures, but they recover from them quickly and find a new object of desire. This behavior is often manifested in love, sex and desire for money.

If this cancer is not stopped, it can fall very low and losing loved ones. Over time, these cancers are becoming more balanced, acquire experience and build their destiny at a reasonable principles. However, their commitment and energy are saved, and selfish fantasy fading. Cancer takes maturity and good luck comes into his hands.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Diseases born July 6
Raki- "six" are prone to bad habits and often overeat or are addicted to alcohol. Some go to the opposite extreme: follow strict diets, bring themselves to anorexia. In adulthood cancers manage to cope with them, with the support of family and friends and do not go to extremes. A number of people born on this day are prone to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract due to the fact that they will do anything to try unfamiliar foods.

Jobs and careers of those born July 6,
This group is not deprived talents Rakov. They know how to make money, but often spend their irrational. Their career is almost always successful, but not always crabs occupy high positions. Moving up through the ranks, crawfish are often compromises between their beliefs and practical requirements. It gives them an internal rift, but the desire to succeed so great that Raki- "six" are gradually finding a reasonable balance between ideals and life.

Tips those born July 6,
Cancers born on this day, you need to learn self-control and to develop willpower. Do not accept failure as a disaster and give in to depression. Council Cancers: enjoy every day and put realistic goals. If there is a craving for bad habits, try to stop in time and seek psychological support to family and friends.

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