Birthday July 1  horoscope



Those born on the first day of July, the most energetic and outstanding representatives of their zodiac sign - Cancer. They tend to enormous hard work, determination and a strong will. They also have a visionary, a large supply of creative energy and pure human charm.

Often these people attract other companies and become leaders. Born July 1 able to captivate the masses, to infect their interesting ideas. In many cases, they rely on luck, and they often really lucky.

Which zodiac sign born July 1?
It is a cancer, sometimes cautious and very resistant. However, people born on this day, and often exhibit opposite traits. They may be unrestrained, especially in the intimate sphere, which often leads them to conflict, then Cancers can get depressed.

Zodiac sign characteristics


But in general they minions of fortune, and after a brief flashes of aggression Cancers able to repay the conflict erupted, and to succeed. Cancer is not afraid of confrontations, as strongly developed diplomatic skills helped him pull back and just in time to achieve their goals.

We were born on this day highly developed intuition and extrasensory abilities observed.

Diseases born July 1
Rakov diseases because of exposure to depression often have psychosomatic causes. Vulnerable gastrointestinal tract, urogenital system. In cancer, women often painful PMS, but easy delivery. Abortion is highly undesirable, as it leads to complications. Many "pervoiyulskie" Cancers tend to the fullness of the love of delicacies.

Jobs and careers of those born July 1
Nature endowed these people high intellectual ability, an excellent memory, speed of thinking. Cancers can successfully realize themselves in any profession. Men become effective leaders, academics, work well in high-tech.

With women Cancers born on July 1 a bit more complicated. They build a successful career while raising children, but they have a sense of guilt towards kids. Women Cancers prone to self-giving, and choose the appropriate profession. They make successful medical professionals, veterinarians, therapists.

Tips for those born July 1
Such people should know that their depression can be cured only themselves, on their own changing lifestyles and habits. Eating should be high quality, choosing healthy food, and absorb it slowly. Cancers are very useful warm bath and restful sleep.

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