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What zodiac sign born January 29?
Born January 29 - a sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is presented to the pursuit of individualism, loneliness. At the same time, these people are attracted to other people, a group of community. Thus, you get their basic life conflict. Between these two poles, loneliness, and work in a group, they must find their own way, which is in any way should combine both approaches.

Patronizes January 29 zodiac sign Aquarius. He gives you identity, autonomy, the ability to see through people. You - born psychologists. You seek to help others, even to take care of them, but the approach to the problem of too idealistic, that does not always help to solve it in practice. Aquarius zodiac sign born on January 29 also gives you an extremely tolerant and open-minded. As a result, you often make friends with different cranks.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Diseases born January 29
The chief weakness of the body born January 29 - a state of the immune system. They often suffer from varying allergies. Their scourge - varicose veins, which is better to cure at an early stage, changing your lifestyle (varied diet, get out of there meat dishes, as well as changing the schedule of mobility: less constantly sit or stand). Be sure to take time sports. As for diet, reduce the consumption of milk and flour, products causing allergies, and fatty foods.

Jobs and careers of those born on January 29
Born January 29 - excellent employees to perform their duties conscientiously. As for their many ideas and projects, donated born January 29 - a sign of the zodiac, we remember, is Aquarius, they are not imposed on others, while they themselves do not ask. They are attentive to other people's opinions, always attentive and open. However, they have the disadvantage that they often exhibit excessive indecision. These people are able to work for a long time unloved work instead of seeking more interesting areas of activity. This option seems to them less energy-intensive.

Tips for those born on January 29
In the area of feelings and emotions, the born January 29 forever unhappy that they have, and are looking for something else. Even finding happiness in love, they soon will certainly be torn loose. But life in solitude, too, does not bring them satisfaction.
If an artist, writer, actor and poet, was born on January 29, he should be afraid of money. Better to wait for years to prominence in poverty. The fact that the money in the foreign-born 29 January and creativity are incompatible. If wealth comes, then goes muse and nothing else.
Other people are always listening. Among the many councils often can not decide what to follow. Despite the influence of the Sun in Aquarius, these people will never forget their benefit. As for their indecision, they try to win it for the sake of moving up.

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