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Aquarius - zodiac sign born January 21, gives his players originality, sociable, extroverted, ingenuity. These people usually have a deep mind, they are geeks and humanities at the same time, their knowledge of the cold logic and turbulent emotions, they are idealists who live in the world of ideas and projects, feel pity all mankind and sincerely seek to ease the lives of people through their inventions. To find happiness and a chance for harmonious expression, born January 20 it is necessary to balance their identity, to reconcile all the contradictions.

These people are trying not to neglect their health. They appreciate the comfort and enjoyment, so they fit regular visits to massage and the absence of too much stress in sports. They love to take care of herself and her body, regular sex is also very important to them. To live together these people are best suited to them similar nature. As for diet, the preferred option is to plant-milk diet without overeating.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Date January 21 Aquarius zodiac sign matches. But these Aquarians born on the verge of Capricorn, ambitious enough and desperate rush to the top of the career. They always and everywhere trying to be first and best, but constantly distracted by entertainment and enjoyment, lose its positions and deeply worried about it. They need to learn how to better relate to their career aspirations, and remember that the work for them in life - is not important. Luck will smile only to those who can reconcile in my mind all the contradictions, hedonism and activity in the work, obsession purpose.

Not for a second we must not forget what zodiac sign on January 21 - Aquarius on the verge of Capricorn. Both affect the nature of the mark in the birth day people. These people are often torn between the two sides of his nature, between the two signs of the zodiac, are torn and can not find the golden mean. Health problems, old age, problems in his personal life, forcing apart from building a career, perceived as the collapse of the whole. It happens that for late fascination with something on their side even demoted. The leaders of the born January 21 obtained disgusting, they lack rigidity. They will approach a specialist profession.

One of the strengths of the semi-Capricorn, semi-Aquarius (Jan. 21 issue - what zodiac sign of something, even partly insoluble until the end of the date for the border) - a sense of proportion, which they have. This attracts thereto others. They perfectly capture the mood and trends of society and are perfectly able to establish the necessary contacts. Persuasion, gift speaker have also developed enough.

Born January 21 always deeply sexy and passionate. They desperately cling to a loved one, do not take parting, even if together harder than apart - in other words, emotions are often completely conquer them and manage them. Sometimes they lose a measure, which is usually so subtle feel and exhibit excessive obsession, pain where the show had to be a delicacy and spare the feelings of others.

They are bright and unusual people and getting to know them a lot to teach. Often born January 21 addicted theatrical play on the public, trying to seem better than they really are. But, being alone, they are ruthless to itself and does not nourish unnecessary illusions about its nature. Their house was always their strength, they are very few people are allowed home.

The main task of these people: to understand what they really need in your life, and stop, finally, to rush, torn by contradictions. They need to find their harmony, both in soul and in the outside world.

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