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Complicated question about the date of January 20 - a sign of the zodiac. This is the last day of Capricorn. People born January 20, may equally feel the impact as Capricorn and Aquarius. Therefore, they are almost always endowed with exceptional, full of contradictions and paradoxes. Officially zodiac sign born January 20 - Capricorn, and this constellation has attributed their hard work, practicality, endurance, stress tolerance and tenacity. Aquarius from these people got rebellion, extravagance. They always come up with something, give to the surface new ideas and projects, trying to draw them, even if others think it's eccentricity.

Born January 20 - optimists, and it's great facilitates their lives. With optimism they look and their health, often ignore ailments, but sometimes it can be dangerous: once so mild disease can gradually become a chronic, if time does not take medication. With regard to fatigue and emotional distress, "the favorite" diseases of Capricorn, at January 20 zodiac sign is this - it is not recommended to "treat" them with alcohol. Also try to quit smoking if you are a smoker. Try not to overeat, eat more vegetables and grains. Such a diet will help you to recover after a hard day's work and relieve tension. Yoga or Pilates will also help you to relax.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Mindful of what zodiac sign on January 20, you can not be surprised that people born on this day, always try to structure what they are doing, to clarify, the logic and the system in their work. This is a strong personality, endowed with will and stubbornness, and listening to the dictates of his soul. They differ in that they are able to make unconventional decisions and hard to enforce them. Variability of their life are not afraid, as many other Capricorns, they accept it for what it is, can easily adapt and change their plans on the go. At work, they are always collected and responsible, though within them may reign chaos. These people will never pose as something they are always to the world so what created.

Optimism born January 20 just neubivaem. Even the most unpleasant life events like divorce or separation, they perceive humor. This is explained by the fact that at heart they are very vulnerable and sensitive, and humor and laughter act as a protective reaction of their psyche. Despite the jocularity, these people are proud, strong and independent. In addition, unlike most Capricorns are very warm feelings towards family and friends, responsive and always ready to help in difficult times. Often born January 20 endowed choleric temparamentom and can afford instant violent outbreaks. At this moment they are able to tell a lot of excess. This character trait, of course, makes them not the most sociable people, but they are usually very quickly begged forgiveness, because deep resentment or anger powerful alien to them.

Often born January 20 could not see through at a glance. First seen only by their humor and jokes, and their true motives, aspirations and dreams they confide as true introverts, only their loved ones. Rarely among them can be found cunning, scheming and deceivers. Born on January 20 is usually honest and noble people. Truly hurt and hurt them may abuse their trust, generosity and location. From that blow they recover very long.

Physically, born January 20 stacked sufficiently brittle. But, despite this, they are very hardy, as their support of their willpower, emotions and aspirations. It is that these people exhibit unexpected for their authoritativeness and even despotism, although most still they patronize unjustly offended. But the leaders they make are not the best, as born on January 20 can not always get other people to listen to them and follow them to the established rules. They just do not always win the authority of the head, too loose, they hold themselves to a strict boss, allow yourself too much, too free and independent life are. Judge or mediator is not worth it to speak, because they are too compassionate and merciful. They are easy to melt the heart of emotion or compassion. But their optimism and self-confidence a lot of people would be worth to take an example.

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