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Born on January 19th zodiac sign Capricorn, but at the junction with Aquarius, so the impact of the constellation of Aquarius feels strongly enough. In particular, born January 19 are innovators, not the Conservatives - a feature of Aquarius, and they love to dream, to think, to build projects. Generation of ideas - it is a strong feature of Aquarius. But zodiac sign born January 19 still Capricorn and Capricorn influence is felt that the people who were born on this date, is well aware that for the realization of their projects, in reality it is necessary to work long and hard.

Jobs and practical implementation - this is the influence of Capricorn. They do not back down, again and again rush to the top, do not give up, operate on a clear, they themselves have drawn up a plan - a determination of Capricorn and its performance. Born January 18 usually succeed, they help in the traits of their character, their habits and tremendous performance. Only significant business for the benefit of all mankind interested Capricorns born on the verge of Aquarius, this is the answer to the question 19 January - a sign of the zodiac.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Thinking about what zodiac sign on January 19, we must understand that there is a risk Capricorns get the disease from the constant stress, fatigue, lack of permanent employment and recreation. To avoid this, you have to get used strictly to plan your day, in particular the control diet, diet and always leave time for sports. Regarding the choice of a particular sport, preferably Pilates or yoga. Twice a year, drink vitamins, try not to abuse alcohol and sugar, Watch out for cooking. Try lunch or dinner to share with colleagues or friends.

Born January 19 trying to do any action, particularly in the long term professional achievements far and benefits for mankind. You should not laugh at these lovely eccentrics or try to explain to them the futility of such a position. In the end, these people have a lofty goal, but it is worth it. Born January 19 charismatic, have persuasive, and for them and their idea often go mass. The danger for these people is that they can take possession of depression, decadent mood, they will project onto other people, infecting them with his pessimism. It should try to avoid.

Often born January 19 has a complex character, and others with them is difficult. But their desire to change the world for the better and help humanity but in one way or another is embodied. These people are actually able to do more than others. If the world is waiting for action from them to willingly submit and obey. Often these people have hypertrophied emotion that burns inside of them.

At the same time they live bright life and many people remember. To this life as long as possible was born on January 19 it may be advisable to try to master their feelings, to be able to not give them free at the wrong time. This can help friends with a calm and balanced temperament and phlegmatic among friends and family members. Their assistance born January 19, in no case should not refuse.

But not all born January 19 bright choleric. Among them are calmer people who clearly divided into spheres of life: work, love, projects and dreams. They try to balance all aspects of life and find harmony.

The most important thing to remember born January 19: in any case, do not suppress his nature, individuality, creativity. Implement himself as an artist, or you can live a miserable life, experiencing dissatisfaction. Do not try to drive yourself to the schemes and patterns, accept ourselves as a. Critical point for you: it is 28 and 42 years old. In '42 born January 19 it is necessary to take a difficult decision: whether they support their activities continue at the same level or go to the deserved rest.

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