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There is no doubt and questions zodiac sign born January 17, because of the brightest representatives of their zodiac sign still have to search. If you were born on January 17th zodiac sign Capricorn, you careerists and workaholics, rushing to the highest ruling structures of society.

Most often, born January 17 do an excellent career, almost always strict and collected business people owe their success solely own efforts and the efforts. These people love money, waiting for decent pay for their labor in return offer their professionalism and acumen. They like to lead, stand firmly on their feet and understand all the intricacies of the business.

We remember what zodiac sign on January 17 gives their wards perseverance and hard, it's a harsh Capricorn. Still, try not to make an impression too hard, evil and aggressive people. However, the yield of emotion and energy, of course, need to not get sick, and just to drive all inward would be wrong. In addition, the expression of emotions and a healthy dose of anger portions will help to strengthen your image in the eyes of subordinates and colleagues.

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The main thing compliance measures. Beware too often take stimulants, coffee, tea, nicotine, alcohol, energy and medicine. Develop to detail their diet, reducing the number of acute and beef. Eat plenty of cereals. If you are still hard to control your emotions, be sure to enjoy a workout. Run, swim, fences, and compete with others, only dose load, so as not to overextend. The guarantee of health - a strong rear, nice family atmosphere at home, enough sleep, rest, regular meals, regular sex, and physical activity.

Capricorn - the answer to question 17 January - a sign of the zodiac, Capricorn and our motivated strictly plan their life, describing, marking for themselves when and what they must do and what they want from life. Even as a child they understand the value of discipline and self-discipline and begin to use these two levers to achieve the desired. They perfectly analyze the situation, draw conclusions, are able to calculate and always well laid out his experience on the shelves, drawing lessons from it. Often these people - masters of manipulation, which are also learning from an early age. Their art, they apply not only to others but to ourselves, stimulating herself to active work and achievement of goals. They are perfectly able to put pressure on human weaknesses, play on other people's ambitions and passions.

The presence in the same room born January 17 hard not to feel. These people seemed to put pressure on you with its aura. Often uncomfortable to talk with them as they keep themselves in iron gloves, know exactly what they want from it seem distant, reserved and strong. The strength of these people lies in the fact that they do not look at the social stereotypes and standards and show themselves for what they really are. Often these people defend the rights of the individual, because they themselves are independent and self-sufficient, and the idea of the oppression of someone they seem terrible. It always pronounced strong individualists, pragmatics, cunning and strong leaders.

Downbeat born January 17 - independent work alone. With a team they do not always find a common language. Find a common language with other people it is often difficult. This also contributes to the inability to make concessions, uncompromising. In addition, these people suppress those who find themselves morally weaker than they, and others, this approach is generally unpleasant. Born January 17 need to learn to find common ground with others, do not forget about family and friendship ties, strengthen them in every possible way. Appreciate those who are near, try to forgive them their weakness, remember that it is also real people, not just the tools or features. Beware also withdraw into themselves, losing touch with society.

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