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Capricorn - the answer to the question, what zodiac sign on January 16. Born January 16, Capricorns like real dream to make a career, get rich and become successful people. But they do not forget about the spiritual life, balancing somewhere between the material and the spiritual. Leads on this complex way of their highly developed intuition, listening to you, they are able to avoid a lot of mistakes and instantly realize that the mind of another person. This delicate balancing on the verge of two worlds - a birthday gift to these people. Classic Capricorn this feature is alien.

We remember that corresponds to the date January 16 - a sign of the zodiac, Capricorn, so people born on January 16 should avoid health problems caused by constant exposure to stress on the body - this is a common problem of all Capricorns. But apart from this danger is to be feared that lifestyle, which were born on January 16 is considered ideal, that is, well-fed and contented existence. Beware of laziness, indifference, and overweight. Be sure to do different kinds of sports, try to eat mostly fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits, less sweet, sugar, flour, milk and meat. As often as possible eat porridge, they will help you keep the weight under control and be energetic. Rest regularly, but do not overdo it, not to fall into laziness.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Capricorn - zodiac sign born on January 16, and, as for many Capricorns debt for these people - not an empty word. They are very responsible and the failure of what is to believe the worst of all that can be. Their conscience will be clear only if they follow the voice of duty. But the result is not only important, but also the process, the degree of diligence and correctness of accomplishment. In this sense, born January 16 ridiculously pedantic. They are important not only the fact of performance, but also how it is, how well executed debt obligations.

Born January 16 Capricorn is very difficult to experience uncertainty in their actions, disappointments, failures and the need to focus on the situation. They need a concrete understanding of what should and what not to do. Navigate to the changing situation they simply can not. It makes them nervous, under stress, and stone's throw from diseases. These people see themselves exclusively to their commitments, by their definition, relevance, recognition of others, and, of course, for the accuracy and speed of their implementation.

Lucky and happy to be only those born on January 16, who will be able to soberly assess the balance of certainty and uncertainty in their personal space and to refrain from worrying over nothing. The world should be taken such as it is rarely possible to drive everything under the clearly defined scope of responsibilities. In varying degrees, to focus on the situation have always.

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