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Capricorn zodiac sign born January 14, gives these people such qualities as ambition, sociability, usability. These independent people stand firmly on their feet and are well versed in all aspects of labor realities. But it is not enough. Self-expression is pushing them to the path of artistic creation of images. And this is - is the effect of the birth since January 14 Capricorn still gives his players focus on the earthly life and only.

A born January 14 may well be dreaming, soaring in the clouds, and it is - despite its practicality. The most important of these people believe the soul and spiritual development, often they are interested intangible. They are smart, love humanity, and would like to make this life better for everyone as much. Persistent enough and canny, not to use the beaten path, and to elect its own or on a similar path in life.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Mindful of what zodiac sign on January 14 - Capricorn, it is necessary to consider the diseases caused by overwork, stress and overexertion, eternal associates workaholics. Stomach ulcers, constant headache, insomnia can seriously complicated life these people. Born January 14 and pulls in search of adventure, so they are often injured. By nature they are quite hot-tempered and aggressive, like confrontation, this is what drives them to participate in fights.

This destructive energy should advance forward in a different direction, or eventually get seriously injured. Born January 14, we recommend to learn to enjoy food, dietary diversity, moderate aggression in the sexual sphere, learn to be gentle.

Among those born on January 14 make excellent coordinators, administrators can create a full picture of the disparate parts. This is because, on January 14 - a sign of the zodiac. Born January 14 characterized by confidence in the correctness of the way, even if it does not conform and socially accepted schemes.

As already mentioned, these people have a to some degree a love for extreme and adrenaline. She often seek danger, putting your health at risk. The risk they are fond of. The consequences were born on January 14, of course, aware. But it does not frighten them. What danger to them? Way to test yourself and recharge your batteries. Most often, however, they live a quiet life, looking for adventure only from time to time, as needed dope.

Born from January 14 make excellent leaders, but their chief seat is usually not interested. They are stubborn and difficult to influence, hardly even change their minds. Lack of flexibility can sometimes prevent them. However, for the implementation of the rules or follow the laws, born January 14 consider themselves worthy overstep the line for something. Even if they recognize the validity and reasonableness of the rules and punish others for their violation. But for myself make an exception. They own some alternative system of values, which implies unconditional them right on every important issue for them.

Born January 14 - fighters and warriors. The whole life for them - a struggle that they are very fascinating. They can not give up, would not recognize the truth of social norms and will stubbornly follow their own way. However, they may themselves selfishly story in relation to his family, do not pay attention to their care and assistance. Sometimes it can alienate and hurt. Close people born on January 14 not to be envied.

Most importantly, born January 14 need to learn to pay attention to all areas of life. Not only work and struggle, but the family and caring for relatives and friends people. Otherwise, at one point, they may find that the left completely alone.

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