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If we ask ourselves, January 12 - a sign of the zodiac, we can see that the typical features are combined in the character of Capricorn born on this day people with features not peculiar to this sign. The main difference - it's sociability and openness. Born January 12 - born speakers, predispose people to their side of persuasion and vivid word. They are charismatic and able to persuade. Communicate born January 12 with a certain pressure, the pressure, but diplomacy and softness they are not strangers.

Remember what zodiac sign January 12 - is Capricorn, and Capricorn is a typical feature of an obsession with work. As a young man born January 12 begin to understand how their work carries, building a career and a certain idea, they take as their own, and for which the work is often completely forgotten about privacy. Often these people work as an institution and forget about everything except work and immerse themselves in it.


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Because of this character traits born January 12 often forget to monitor their health and reminisce about it only when illness prevented them from doing things you love, that is work. To not bring themselves to this, do not forget to pass a couple of times a year preventive medical examination. If the disease does not notice, and then run, the healing time will take much longer. Vulnerabilities born January 12 - it teeth and hormones. The latter may lead to the completeness or, on the contrary, excessive thinness. Try to eat more fruits, do not forget about the porridge, eat less sugar and fat, watch the work of the intestine, and do not forget every day enough time to be outdoors.
On this day, January 12 Capricorn and Capricorn like real people with birth date falls on this day, can bring great sacrifices his career. Most often, the idea for which they work, implies ministry alone, but life is so disposed, that these people are working for the benefit of society. Born January 12 should be very careful to choose his life's work, not to make an unfortunate mistake. It is inexcusable when so much time is spent on the job.
To determine what you want to do, you need to compare their personal values with moral values of society and to understand that you think good and what does not and how your ideas at odds with the views of others. Bring your system back into balance the principles of self-sacrifice for the sake of others and selfishness, work for themselves and for themselves - in what proportions you combine this? With this question to better define your job search and, ideally, to get professional education.
Obsession with social ideas (or, for example, political, because of these people get a great policy) does not prevent them enthusiastically engaged in his own image, focusing on his personality.

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