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On the day of January 11th sign of the zodiac, which reigns - is Capricorn. As usual Capricorns born on January 11th live a real life, stand firmly on his feet, trying to gain power and wealth, are ready for this work day and night. But Capricorn zodiac sign born January 11, not entirely determine the nature of these people.

So, these people - idealists who dream to help others, to make their lives better. Of course, they are not entirely disinterested, for the works they would like to receive an appropriate reward. Also, apart from the real world, they are guided by a mystical world. You are able to play on stage, endowed with a strong acting talent from birth you real philosophers, while faithfully love people and humanity.

Born on January 11 can "burn" in the field of service to others, to undermine their moral and physical strength. They are vital to learn to relax and temporarily forget about work, no matter how terrible it is impossible and it may seem at first. Also, do not always try to control everything that happens around.

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No one person can do it, and events, suddenly out-of-control, can undermine your great confidence in himself and the world around us. Remember, January 11 - a sign of the zodiac, Capricorn is constantly in tension and work. Eternal stress can cause muscle and bone disease. Pay attention also to your diet as much as possible diversify its dishes peoples of the world, do not limit yourself to one and the same list of food. Be sure to go in for sports, walking, swimming, because swimming is just fine trains and strengthens muscles.

Born January 11 endowed with a strong will and stubbornness, they are well versed in the people and their actions, are able to judge impartially and verdicts. True, not all of them are able to fully disengage from their individual experiences and their personal assessments that must be impartial when trying to judge someone. Very often born January 11 are carriers unnecessarily strict moral principles, sometimes they can even be called bigots.

So they can quarrel with their children, if they, in their opinion, transgress any conventional moral standards. Flexibility usually brings great benefits and fewer problems than the hardness and attempt to change someone violently, so born January 11 it is not necessary to become parents, tyrants, too strict and demanding. More love, less rules. Remember that everyone is different, and even your children do not have to be like you in everything and go your way. It is likely they will want to pave their own way in life.

Strong quality born January 11 - an assessment of the results of their familiar cultural or other activities of mankind. That is the subject of their favorite things of life, their work, they know at the expert level. Also, these people are often at a glance recognize fraud and fraud, they make excellent inspectors and auditors. Cheat born January 11 very difficult.

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