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January 5th sign of the zodiac - Capricorn and people born January 5 well within the traditional framework of the description of this zodiac sign. Generally, the words "tradition" and "traditional" for them is very significant, because they give them a great value, and even something new to try to bring under the old, familiar, traditional. These people - successful businessmen and traders, they are selfish and self-centered measure, will think first about themselves and their business interests, they are practical and stubborn, and usually succeed and prosper.

Circle, returning - as important key concepts for these people; zodiac sign born January 5 - Capricorn, he gives his players the strength and the ability to raise and recover from any setbacks and defeats. If something Capricorn failed, he will take up the matter again. Again and again until his tenacity not win adverse circumstances and while he will not achieve the successful completion of cases. Capricorn is easy to get out of any difficult situation, he is resourceful and clever, not lost. Just easily he will be able to recover from a serious illness, the care of his wife, a series of setbacks. Moreover, many of these people are not only able to stand up for yourself after befell their troubles or trouble, but also to lead a group of the same accident. Lead and lead to success and victory.

Zodiac sign characteristics


It's the ability to quickly restore their strength and tend to their health. Here there is a risk reassessment endurance own body. These people should not rely on the fact that they will always heal yourself from all diseases. You can not neglect preventive check-up, charging, exercise, balanced diet, enough rest.

Wondering what zodiac sign if a person was born on January 5, it should be remembered that these people are different from the standard Capricorn so that they can play, refer to this philosophically (do not worry, just take another attempt after some time), they deeply sensitive and emotional, but the emotional turmoil experienced in the same way as all the other turmoil of his life, that is raised from the ashes and live on. They are self-confident and do not tend to dwell on the past. Past - passed. We must look forward, not backward, that these people are doing. A good symbol for these people could be a phoenix, which burned in the fire, but then again rise from the ashes.

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