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Zodiac January 4 - Capricorn, and he gives his players love to permanent work, perseverance, responsibility, entrepreneurial flair. These are people who are able to generate a lot of ideas, but they are conservative, so the greater part of the pans, flashed in their heads, they prefer to remain silent.

Born January 4 do not like risk, preferring safety and reliability. They are conservatives. Work should be more important than pleasure - so consider these industrious bees. Seriousness and diligence, however, pleasantly diluted in the character of these people a little surprising ability to be witty, uncheck the word stress from the entire team.

Wondering birthday January 4 - a sign of the zodiac, we should remember that Capricorn, the patron of these people, instills in them an extraordinary love for the regulations, rules and procedures. They also love to create their own rules, which would be happy to impose colleagues.

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If they encounter a violation of the rules, it will have only one reaction - irritation. Therefore, these people should develop a patience and adoption of other behaviors. This should be addressed not only to colleagues and other people, but for selfish reasons: the accumulated anger and irritation may hit the cardio-vascular system and nerves.

So who was born on January 4 will be useful to temper his character from childhood and learn a few relaxation practices, meditation, in order to learn how to keep negative emotions under control.
These people are very fond of plans and schedules? Ok, let yourself make a schedule of sports activities that will daily give of their time. Leisure them to better carry out not at home on the couch with a book or a computer, thinking about work problems, and traveling, visiting museums and a variety of activities.

It is worth the time to move in the direction of the work and immerse themselves in new experiences, whether it is going to the theater, to the beach or acquaintance with a pretty girl / handsome young man. It is desirable to walk as much as possible and move to compensate for a fixed office working day. Impuls

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