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Capricorn - January 2 zodiac sign, and he gives his players ambition, high ambition and desire in whatever was to achieve its goal. However, they are extremely serious and demanding. Their requirements apply to others and themselves, they spare themselves even to a lesser degree, and almost always suffer from suspicions that have done their job well enough.

Oddly enough, this trait paradoxically coexists with self-esteem and a high opinion of his own abilities. They fear if they are talented enough, as it seems to themselves, and all the while proving it to themselves and to others. These people are active and active, they like to challenge themselves and doing business, not only qualitatively but also quickly.

Competition with such things myself, this time to make better and faster than in the past. Maybe they like the feeling of extreme sports and adrenaline in the blood, receiving from the hard work of genuine pleasure. In other words, born January 2 - workaholics, they can not imagine their life without work, take it more and more, have set themselves the bar higher and higher.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Deep down, people born on January 2, understand that this mode of life can not but affect the health, and fear the time when it fail them. They suffer from chronic diseases, which gradually builds up more and more, they can be brittle nails and hair, they should regularly check the teeth and bones.

Despite his obsession with work, they should remember to relax and unwind. Diet and exercise will help to keep the optimism and good humor. These people in no way be to succumb to depression, as they are prone to it.
Jobs and careers of those born on January 2
Born on January 2 and work until his retirement in the same organization, and pension for them - a real tragedy. Retired they often become involved in free creative work, while creators in the full sense of the word they are not: rather, they are artisans of art, that is diligent and hard worker, not shaded by the seal of genius.

Fantasia they have enough developed, but they still prefer to work only on a clear plan and instructions, preferably obtained from customers. But what exactly will not make these people - so it is to praise their work or to take up what they can not afford. Eternal dissatisfaction will continue to pursue these people and creative work.

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