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People born January 1 - born leaders and adherents of charts, plans, order. And in my personal life and in public they prefer to give orders, requiring the care of others, pedantry, accuracy and careful planning.

However, these people are also quite demanding and to themselves. January 1 zodiac sign Capricorn, and were born on this day are determined to build a career, giving a lot of strength work. They are usually well-educated, eager to learn and expect to find the same spirit in other people.

As befits a Capricorn, they are stubborn and may not recognize his mistake only out of stubbornness. It happens that the principles of these people prevent them build a career: life circumstances often require them the ability to cheat and go to the meanness, but these noble natures will not behave this way. Because of this, sometimes suffering their business.

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Another weak point of these people - is too literal and strict adherence to the preliminary plan. Plan on paper - only scheme, and life often requires flexibility, resourcefulness and the ability to quickly correct any plan to achieve a goal. Born on January 1 are not always able to show similar flexibility and move away from their dearly loved plans. Sometimes this can cause great harm to the work.

Born January 1 heart impulsive and hot-tempered. However, they keep the forces of his nature with an iron fist and will not give them. In the state of stress can be broken and demonstrate their impulsivity that may shock the unprepared others.

In general, the whole life of these people devoted to work, goal, victory, cherished the finish line, followed by all means start a new marathon. Taking into account these facts, immediately disappear question what zodiac sign born January 1 people as such commitment and capacity for work only famous Capricorn.

In this approach, and the perception of life as a constant struggle, steeplechase, the competition has its pluses and minuses, reflecting mainly on health.

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