Birthday   January 30   horoscope



Aquarius - zodiac sign born on January 30, but on this day are born quite unusual representatives of their zodiac sign. They are very active and energetic, they make excellent business people and entrepreneurs, excellent managers and supervisors who, without straying from the path, stubbornly go to the purpose.

Date January 30 Aquarius zodiac sign corresponds to, and influence of Aquarius in the nature of these people is manifested unusual creative approach to the problems that they solve with ease. These people are very smart, they see other people through, have a tenacious and resourceful mind. They are great orators and rhetoricians and enjoy its natural charisma to using the gift of words to persuade people to his point of view, inspire, make allies and lead soboy.ezninvarya

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Birthday   January 31   horoscope



If we consider the nature of the people who were born on January 31, then immediately disappear question January 31 - a sign of the zodiac. Logic and intuition are constantly fighting for control of these people, and their mission - to combine the two in some way the synthesis. Intuition bolster their inspiration and helps you choose the innovative, unusual solution to the problem, which is often the only true. After zodiac sign born January 31 - Aquarius, and, like a true Aquarians born on this day people are open-minded.

Beach Health born January 31 - this depression and psychological depression due to their bad luck in personal relationships. They need to learn to control myself and not swallow pills at the slightest provocation, such as, for example, spoil the mood. Due to the fact that these people are often nervous and worry, they especially need to carefully monitor their diet.

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Birthday   January 29   horoscope



What zodiac sign born January 29?
Born January 29 - a sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is presented to the pursuit of individualism, loneliness. At the same time, these people are attracted to other people, a group of community. Thus, you get their basic life conflict. Between these two poles, loneliness, and work in a group, they must find their own way, which is in any way should combine both approaches.

Patronizes January 29 zodiac sign Aquarius. He gives you identity, autonomy, the ability to see through people. You - born psychologists. You seek to help others, even to take care of them, but the approach to the problem of too idealistic, that does not always help to solve it in practice. Aquarius zodiac sign born on January 29 also gives you an extremely tolerant and open-minded. As a result, you often make friends with different cranks.

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Birthday   January 28   horoscope



What zodiac sign born January 28?
Aquarius - zodiac sign born on January 28, and, like a true Aquarians, they want a better life for all mankind and are willing to work on it to the extent of their powers. Just like real Aquarius (Jan. 28 date zodiac sign corresponds exactly this), they hate rules and conventions and was happy to violate them. Born on this day - always a lone wolf, not by command of the game personality, bright individualists.

They are optimists, determination, love adventure and all unusual, full of energy, physically can not stay long in one place. Aquarians are often detached from afar look at life, but at least January 28th zodiac sign Aquarius also born on this day are always ready to fight for something, to intervene and change the course of events as they see fit. They are fighters.

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Birthday   January 27   horoscope



What zodiac sign born January 27?
Date January 27 - what zodiac sign is Aquarius. Born 27 January deeply humane, which is characteristic of Aquarius. A date of birth endows them with compassion and a desire to practically realize his humanity. Born January 27 Aquarians have the character of a true warrior. They are also characterized by sacrifice and neglect their own interests for the sake of an idea that illuminates their lives.

The idea defines all their lives, no doubt is left is a sign of the zodiac on 27 January. Aquarians are known for their idealism, and born January 27 - is no exception. They will impose "their" idea everywhere will be able to reach. The idea they might translate into reality, thereby changing the course of history and leisurely stay in the memory of descendants forever.

Diseases born January 27
Date January 27, zodiac sign corresponds to Aquarius, and vulnerability of the body of the people - is the nervous and cardiovascular systems. They are also prone to chronic diseases, leaving the roots in their childhood. Therefore, parents of children born on January 27 should pay special attention to the health of their offspring and ensure that any illness was finally defeated and no disease is not passed into the sluggish chronic stage.

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Birthday   January 26   horoscope



What zodiac sign born January 26?
Born January 26 people are very distinguished due to its stunning charisma, innate magnetism and bright personality. They are always in the spotlight. They are endowed with a strong will and deep inquisitive intellect. Date of birth January 26 Aquarius zodiac sign matches. Aquarians usually dreamers and idealists, but the influence of date of birth gives these people the business acumen and entrepreneurial flair.

They make good business. At the expense of self-love and self-belief, these people form a following, which may even always and everywhere consider them right. But Aquarius zodiac sign born January 26, still affects those born on this day, he gives to their passion for everything new and unexplored, so these people often cause disputes and quarrels, even their custom, innovative activity or area of application of its activity. In other words, it is extremely unusual business. Brave people reaching for experiments.

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Birthday   January 25   horoscope



What zodiac sign born January 25?
Born January 25 people are quite charismatic, sociable, kind, sociable. Sometimes others difficult to understand what they are thinking, because these people combine dreaminess and discretion. From this it follows a zodiac sign on 25 January. January 25 are born contradictory and unique Aquarians. Aquarius zodiac sign born January 25, gives his wards independence.
And the influence of the birth date reflected in the fact that these people know how to feel, "read" the emotions and feelings of other people, that is, have the gift of empathy, a deep empathy. Typically, Aquarius, and the date of January 25th zodiac sign corresponds exactly this, alien to this trait, they are closed on ideas, projects and abstract love of humanity as a whole, rather than to individuals.

Diseases born January 25
Weak spot born January 25 - self-doubt. If in their lives comes a bad streak or more trouble will follow one after the other, they are deeply disappointed and even run the risk of falling into depression. Therefore it is very important to develop a optimistic and always try to find what is happening in the pros. Their weak point as well - the cardiovascular system, so they should quit smoking and watch their weight and cholesterol intake in the diet. Necessarily engaged in charging for the mind, solve crosswords and puzzles, especially in the elderly, in order to avoid becoming a victim of Alzheimer's disease. As for diet, limit the intake of dairy and fatty foods, do not overdo it with protein. In his youth, endeavor to throw off the sexual tension with a regular partner. Beware of accidents.

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Birthday   January 24   horoscope



Wondering, Jan. 24 - a sign of the zodiac, we are faced with the fact that in this day are not born, and the most common "standard" Aquarians. They are ambitious and diligent, hard working, and do not hover in the world of ideas, more likely to use logic and intelligence, not imagination, they make good business with this business acumen.

In this case, born January 24 friendly to people, always ready to listen and find a compromise. They are sociable and pretty easy to find a common language with someone. This helps them in their business career. Aquarius zodiac sign born January 24, rarely gives his players a similar combination of specific interest, other people and seriousness, efficiency (including the generation of ideas).

However, in some ways the influence of Aquarius is still evident - born January 24 people are usually very creative.

With regard to health, born January 24 usually pay much attention to it. Most often it is well-groomed people who look after their health, appearance, figure and skin. They have a strong constitution and a stable nervous system, they rarely get nervous or under stress. Of sporting activities they can advise swimming suit and controversial sports, healthy sports gambling will only benefit those people. Also fit all kinds of martial arts.

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Birthday   January 23   horoscope



Date January 23 Aquarius zodiac sign corresponds to, and in full compliance with their birth sign, these people are innovators idealist. Originality - their second name. Often it happens that's difference from others, or even outrageous extravagance they pretend to be something else, for some fictional, invented image. Any allocation of the total mass, total crowd very pleased with them. To be different - for these people definitely a compliment. Born January 23 always rebels, they are looking for untrodden paths and often offer unexpected but effective ways to solve problems. Unconventional approach to the usual problems - their strong point, due to the fact, January 23 - a sign of the zodiac.

It is not surprising that these people prefer alternative medicine traditional, it is connected with what zodiac sign on January 23. After all, Aquarius gives attraction to everything unusual, unconventional, unusual and ability to find new in the old. In terms of diet born January 23 recommended healthy food and fresh vegetables, rich in vitamins. In sports, it is important not to overdo it and correctly metered load.

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Birthday   January 22   horoscope



What zodiac sign born January 22?
Aquarius - zodiac sign born January 22 empowers people born on this date of birth, some contradictory. On the one hand, they are very sensitive and emotional, often do not know how, when you need to master your own emotions, on the other hand, they are philosophically everything that happens in life, active, energetic and love to work.

Aquarians like real, these people - innovators, they like change, do not tolerate boredom and routine, and they should look for a job in any case is not routine. Date January 22 zodiac sign Aquarius, and these people are often by nature endowed with any talent. Date of birth gives people born on January 22, commitment, obstinacy and performance.


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Birthday   January 21   horoscope



Aquarius - zodiac sign born January 21, gives his players originality, sociable, extroverted, ingenuity. These people usually have a deep mind, they are geeks and humanities at the same time, their knowledge of the cold logic and turbulent emotions, they are idealists who live in the world of ideas and projects, feel pity all mankind and sincerely seek to ease the lives of people through their inventions. To find happiness and a chance for harmonious expression, born January 20 it is necessary to balance their identity, to reconcile all the contradictions.

These people are trying not to neglect their health. They appreciate the comfort and enjoyment, so they fit regular visits to massage and the absence of too much stress in sports. They love to take care of herself and her body, regular sex is also very important to them. To live together these people are best suited to them similar nature. As for diet, the preferred option is to plant-milk diet without overeating.

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Birthday   January 20   horoscope



Complicated question about the date of January 20 - a sign of the zodiac. This is the last day of Capricorn. People born January 20, may equally feel the impact as Capricorn and Aquarius. Therefore, they are almost always endowed with exceptional, full of contradictions and paradoxes. Officially zodiac sign born January 20 - Capricorn, and this constellation has attributed their hard work, practicality, endurance, stress tolerance and tenacity. Aquarius from these people got rebellion, extravagance. They always come up with something, give to the surface new ideas and projects, trying to draw them, even if others think it's eccentricity.

Born January 20 - optimists, and it's great facilitates their lives. With optimism they look and their health, often ignore ailments, but sometimes it can be dangerous: once so mild disease can gradually become a chronic, if time does not take medication. With regard to fatigue and emotional distress, "the favorite" diseases of Capricorn, at January 20 zodiac sign is this - it is not recommended to "treat" them with alcohol. Also try to quit smoking if you are a smoker. Try not to overeat, eat more vegetables and grains. Such a diet will help you to recover after a hard day's work and relieve tension. Yoga or Pilates will also help you to relax.

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Birthday   January 19   horoscope



Born on January 19th zodiac sign Capricorn, but at the junction with Aquarius, so the impact of the constellation of Aquarius feels strongly enough. In particular, born January 19 are innovators, not the Conservatives - a feature of Aquarius, and they love to dream, to think, to build projects. Generation of ideas - it is a strong feature of Aquarius. But zodiac sign born January 19 still Capricorn and Capricorn influence is felt that the people who were born on this date, is well aware that for the realization of their projects, in reality it is necessary to work long and hard.

Jobs and practical implementation - this is the influence of Capricorn. They do not back down, again and again rush to the top, do not give up, operate on a clear, they themselves have drawn up a plan - a determination of Capricorn and its performance. Born January 18 usually succeed, they help in the traits of their character, their habits and tremendous performance. Only significant business for the benefit of all mankind interested Capricorns born on the verge of Aquarius, this is the answer to the question 19 January - a sign of the zodiac.

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Birthday   January 18   horoscope



Capricorn zodiac sign born January 18, gives these people the courage and perseverance to achieve the desired goal, as well as the clarity and certainty in the formulation of these same goals. As true Capricorn, these people are able to get rich, they are born businessmen or financiers, money flows - their element. However, they should only deal with what is their interest, otherwise they risk to quit the case and switch to the new ones. Born January 18th zodiac sign Capricorn, and these people may well become workaholics.

Born January 18 to maintain your health, you should be more focused, not wasted on a multitude of activities, live under the regime of the day and clear routine. With care, they should take antidepressants and fear, depending on the drug. Simple dishes must be alternated with rare and unusual to create the desired diversity. In sports limit to medium loads and avoid sports, provoking anger (such as boxing and wrestling). Try to build your way mode of the day, to be able to take a nap after lunch. And be sure to sleep you need to relax the number of hours every day!

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Birthday   January 17   horoscope



There is no doubt and questions zodiac sign born January 17, because of the brightest representatives of their zodiac sign still have to search. If you were born on January 17th zodiac sign Capricorn, you careerists and workaholics, rushing to the highest ruling structures of society.

Most often, born January 17 do an excellent career, almost always strict and collected business people owe their success solely own efforts and the efforts. These people love money, waiting for decent pay for their labor in return offer their professionalism and acumen. They like to lead, stand firmly on their feet and understand all the intricacies of the business.

We remember what zodiac sign on January 17 gives their wards perseverance and hard, it's a harsh Capricorn. Still, try not to make an impression too hard, evil and aggressive people. However, the yield of emotion and energy, of course, need to not get sick, and just to drive all inward would be wrong. In addition, the expression of emotions and a healthy dose of anger portions will help to strengthen your image in the eyes of subordinates and colleagues.

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Birthday   January 16   horoscope



Capricorn - the answer to the question, what zodiac sign on January 16. Born January 16, Capricorns like real dream to make a career, get rich and become successful people. But they do not forget about the spiritual life, balancing somewhere between the material and the spiritual. Leads on this complex way of their highly developed intuition, listening to you, they are able to avoid a lot of mistakes and instantly realize that the mind of another person. This delicate balancing on the verge of two worlds - a birthday gift to these people. Classic Capricorn this feature is alien.

We remember that corresponds to the date January 16 - a sign of the zodiac, Capricorn, so people born on January 16 should avoid health problems caused by constant exposure to stress on the body - this is a common problem of all Capricorns. But apart from this danger is to be feared that lifestyle, which were born on January 16 is considered ideal, that is, well-fed and contented existence. Beware of laziness, indifference, and overweight. Be sure to do different kinds of sports, try to eat mostly fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits, less sweet, sugar, flour, milk and meat. As often as possible eat porridge, they will help you keep the weight under control and be energetic. Rest regularly, but do not overdo it, not to fall into laziness.

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Birthday   January 15   horoscope



Date January 15th zodiac sign Capricorn. Capricorns like real people, born January 15, strive to meet their ambitions, to the top of the career and fame. They dream of a peaceful, prosperous and comfortable life and is well aware that it needs to earn enough money. Effect of date of birth is expressed in the fact that born January 15, drawn to the cultural life. They are either artists, musicians, poets, wrote, actors or, in extreme cases, culture, culturologists, patrons. In any case, it is creative.

While a horoscope on January 15, people born on this day, subtle and sensitive people, romance, who dream of becoming heroes. They are brave and fearless deep, though not immediately reveal these properties in their nature. Striving for the heroism they embody in their lives, as they allow this circumstance. Hating all my heart injustice, these people often become fighters for a just cause, fighters against any aggression - no matter for whom.

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Birthday   January 14   horoscope



Capricorn zodiac sign born January 14, gives these people such qualities as ambition, sociability, usability. These independent people stand firmly on their feet and are well versed in all aspects of labor realities. But it is not enough. Self-expression is pushing them to the path of artistic creation of images. And this is - is the effect of the birth since January 14 Capricorn still gives his players focus on the earthly life and only.

A born January 14 may well be dreaming, soaring in the clouds, and it is - despite its practicality. The most important of these people believe the soul and spiritual development, often they are interested intangible. They are smart, love humanity, and would like to make this life better for everyone as much. Persistent enough and canny, not to use the beaten path, and to elect its own or on a similar path in life.

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Birthday   January 13   horoscope



Capricorn - zodiac sign born January 13. And these people are typical Capricorn, pragmatists, workaholics, stubborn in achieving their goals. They stand firmly on their feet, practical and well oriented in real life, do not head in the clouds. Responsibility does not frighten them, they are serious people, completely immersed in a job. They do not like the risk and the ease for a long time to think and make plans before you decide on something new.

In terms of the health of these people - a little paranoid, especially this trait exacerbated maturity when health is increasingly brings us. Try not to be considered medical magicians and shamans who shoulder any miracle. It is better to not take a miracle, from his youth to accustom yourself to do exercise, balanced eating and to monitor your health. Pay attention to the joints and bones in old age they can bring a lot of problems. With regard to the daily diet, try to eat often, but not enough, this is the diet of all favorable for the stomach. Do not forget the fresh fruits and vegetables, sources of vitamins and vigor for active people!

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Birthday   January 12   horoscope



If we ask ourselves, January 12 - a sign of the zodiac, we can see that the typical features are combined in the character of Capricorn born on this day people with features not peculiar to this sign. The main difference - it's sociability and openness. Born January 12 - born speakers, predispose people to their side of persuasion and vivid word. They are charismatic and able to persuade. Communicate born January 12 with a certain pressure, the pressure, but diplomacy and softness they are not strangers.

Remember what zodiac sign January 12 - is Capricorn, and Capricorn is a typical feature of an obsession with work. As a young man born January 12 begin to understand how their work carries, building a career and a certain idea, they take as their own, and for which the work is often completely forgotten about privacy. Often these people work as an institution and forget about everything except work and immerse themselves in it.


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Birthday   January 11   horoscope



On the day of January 11th sign of the zodiac, which reigns - is Capricorn. As usual Capricorns born on January 11th live a real life, stand firmly on his feet, trying to gain power and wealth, are ready for this work day and night. But Capricorn zodiac sign born January 11, not entirely determine the nature of these people.

So, these people - idealists who dream to help others, to make their lives better. Of course, they are not entirely disinterested, for the works they would like to receive an appropriate reward. Also, apart from the real world, they are guided by a mystical world. You are able to play on stage, endowed with a strong acting talent from birth you real philosophers, while faithfully love people and humanity.

Born on January 11 can "burn" in the field of service to others, to undermine their moral and physical strength. They are vital to learn to relax and temporarily forget about work, no matter how terrible it is impossible and it may seem at first. Also, do not always try to control everything that happens around.

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Birthday   January 10   horoscope



Capricorn - zodiac sign is born on 10 January. They have a purely "capricornian" features, as well as their own, donated his birthday, which distinguishes them from the rest of Capricorn. These people - the great innovators. Capricorns are often conservative, but born January 10 pulls everything new. They are addressed in the future, though detached from the past and their traditions can not be named. Another difference from the classical Capricorn born January 10 manifested in the fact that they run the risk of calm.

These people remain quietly alone, but with their beliefs than to take on faith belief proven past the crowd - it is not quite typical for Capricorn. But that is consistent with this sign of the zodiac, so it is a colossal performance and chances of success in any field. Born January 10 lot of time to work because they enjoy it.

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Birthday   January 9   horoscope



Born January 9 - idealists who dream to make human life better. At the same time, when asked what sign of the zodiac on January 9, we must bear in mind that the constellations through which the sun passes the time of birth, certainly has an impact on his character and habits. We were born on January 9 zodiac sign Capricorn. This ambitious people who love to work and dream of a career, achieve real wealth and power. Only moves them compassion and a desire to make this life better, to help mankind, to bring some of his reformist ideas.

This is a very good people at heart, but they are not spineless, they have a solid core that makes them break up over the years, all the while working in one direction until they reach the finally desired. They are constantly cultivating, working themselves to their growth and development did not stop, and also all the time pushing for this their friends and relatives.

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Birthday   January  8   horoscope



Capricorn - zodiac sign born January 8, and the impact of this constellation is very evident in the character of these people. Born January 8 usually realize themselves in a career in professional work, which devotes all of his time. At the same time they often become celebrities. Often it is the actors, and a very talented and showy. These people have high ambitions, but they are by nature endowed with sufficient powers and abilities to implement them.

Laziness or idleness - not for those born on January 8th. And it is - one of the most essential features of Capricorn. For those born on January 8 means a lot and that is able to give them a successful career, you have the power and money. It is these things give them the expected stability, because the world is volatile and unstable, and each person determines that he needs to feel solid ground under their feet. January 8 zodiac sign Capricorn and Capricorn wants to their descendants and other generations remember them because they have committed.

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Birthday   January  7   horoscope



Despite the fact that the Capricorn - zodiac sign born January 7, these people are a little reminiscent of Capricorn. They are by nature extroverts, very open, sociable, with great curiosity look into the world, exploring his love shine and engage the eyes of other people. Born January 7 usually immediately notice the love, appreciate and respect. This is an extremely delicate and sensitive nature. Traditionally, January 7, zodiac sign Capricorn, but such sensitivity, vulnerability, passion for the world and its mysteries are rarely characterized by classic Capricorn.

People born January 7, often addicted to mysticism, spirituality, paranormal or become deeply religious. These people often pursue the mysterious and strange events, they see what is inaccessible to others - this is largely due to their faith and in the unknown. Born on January 7 in their own way are philosophers, they did not surprise meeting with psychics and magicians, and such meetings also happen in their lives.

This is due to the fact that these people are constantly learning from the world around them, even perceive unusual things as lessons and so sometimes respond with restraint. They heed. For each person, even at first glance, the usual, does not differ from the majority, born January 7 always treated very carefully. They understand that each person - a unique universe, and the apparent similarity to the other - only the appearance.

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Birthday   January  6   horoscope



Capricorns are not so primitive and clear, sometimes for some reason considered. Many of them, in spite of the integrity and unity of nature, at the same time reconcile opposites, such as the craving for foundations and modification, transformation of the world. Capricorn - a sign of the zodiac born January 6, and these people are good examples of contradictions Capricorn. They bring together a romantic idealist and practice-cynic may be tender and cruel, can take care of their own benefit and selflessly helping others. These people - the wise philosophers and observers at the same time active members of the converters of the world, full of plans and projects. Love for practical, useful things combined them with creative aspirations, with the elements of art.

The search for truth - one of the things people born on January 6. Often they are researchers, scientists, solving mysteries that surround the world with logic and reason, but it happens, and so that they are addicted and mysticism, religion and the search for the answer to another question, such as: the meaning of life, the search for God, the metaphysical laws of life .

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Birthday   January  5   horoscope



January 5th sign of the zodiac - Capricorn and people born January 5 well within the traditional framework of the description of this zodiac sign. Generally, the words "tradition" and "traditional" for them is very significant, because they give them a great value, and even something new to try to bring under the old, familiar, traditional. These people - successful businessmen and traders, they are selfish and self-centered measure, will think first about themselves and their business interests, they are practical and stubborn, and usually succeed and prosper.

Circle, returning - as important key concepts for these people; zodiac sign born January 5 - Capricorn, he gives his players the strength and the ability to raise and recover from any setbacks and defeats. If something Capricorn failed, he will take up the matter again. Again and again until his tenacity not win adverse circumstances and while he will not achieve the successful completion of cases. Capricorn is easy to get out of any difficult situation, he is resourceful and clever, not lost. Just easily he will be able to recover from a serious illness, the care of his wife, a series of setbacks. Moreover, many of these people are not only able to stand up for yourself after befell their troubles or trouble, but also to lead a group of the same accident. Lead and lead to success and victory.

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Birthday   January  4   horoscope



Zodiac January 4 - Capricorn, and he gives his players love to permanent work, perseverance, responsibility, entrepreneurial flair. These are people who are able to generate a lot of ideas, but they are conservative, so the greater part of the pans, flashed in their heads, they prefer to remain silent.

Born January 4 do not like risk, preferring safety and reliability. They are conservatives. Work should be more important than pleasure - so consider these industrious bees. Seriousness and diligence, however, pleasantly diluted in the character of these people a little surprising ability to be witty, uncheck the word stress from the entire team.

Wondering birthday January 4 - a sign of the zodiac, we should remember that Capricorn, the patron of these people, instills in them an extraordinary love for the regulations, rules and procedures. They also love to create their own rules, which would be happy to impose colleagues.

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Birthday   January  3   horoscope



January 3 zodiac sign - Capricorn birthday imposes on a person a certain mark. In this case, this is different from other members of this zodiac sign feature is the ability to have fun and joke. Born in the third day of the year is very sociable and outgoing, they have a lot of friends and acquaintances. These Capricorns are more harmonious, because they can be serious, and can be an easy humor and look young even as early as age. They are active and active, always busy, but loved by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.
Capricorn - zodiac sign among those born on January 3, and he gives his players will power and the ability to not throw midway begun business and always, in whatever was hard to go to the finish. Born January 3 - nature extremely fond of, the rest of the world cease to exist when they are doing things you love.

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 Birthday  January  2   horoscope



Capricorn - January 2 zodiac sign, and he gives his players ambition, high ambition and desire in whatever was to achieve its goal. However, they are extremely serious and demanding. Their requirements apply to others and themselves, they spare themselves even to a lesser degree, and almost always suffer from suspicions that have done their job well enough.

Oddly enough, this trait paradoxically coexists with self-esteem and a high opinion of his own abilities. They fear if they are talented enough, as it seems to themselves, and all the while proving it to themselves and to others. These people are active and active, they like to challenge themselves and doing business, not only qualitatively but also quickly.

Competition with such things myself, this time to make better and faster than in the past. Maybe they like the feeling of extreme sports and adrenaline in the blood, receiving from the hard work of genuine pleasure. In other words, born January 2 - workaholics, they can not imagine their life without work, take it more and more, have set themselves the bar higher and higher.

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Birthday   January  1   horoscope



People born January 1 - born leaders and adherents of charts, plans, order. And in my personal life and in public they prefer to give orders, requiring the care of others, pedantry, accuracy and careful planning.

However, these people are also quite demanding and to themselves. January 1 zodiac sign Capricorn, and were born on this day are determined to build a career, giving a lot of strength work. They are usually well-educated, eager to learn and expect to find the same spirit in other people.

As befits a Capricorn, they are stubborn and may not recognize his mistake only out of stubbornness. It happens that the principles of these people prevent them build a career: life circumstances often require them the ability to cheat and go to the meanness, but these noble natures will not behave this way. Because of this, sometimes suffering their business.

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